7 Ways To Celebrate Romantic Occasions When You're In A Long-Distance Relationship

Let's make things magical!

When you and partner live in different time zones or are miles apart, celebrating romantic occasions like anniversaries can be a challenge. You have to be both creative to feel the love and send the kilig. Here are some sweet and clever ways to enjoy special days.

1. Start in the morning (or their morning).
Try a cheerful greeting with a none I-love-you message like, "Good morning, my favorite human!" Grab ideas from this list!

2. Prepare a playlist that best describes your relationship.
Like the modern day mixtape, a playlist filled with tracks that will remind you of your kilig beginnings to where you are now in the relationship will set the mood.

3. Go for special deliveries.
Surprise your beau by ordering his favorite food for him. Or if you have time, prepare a care package filled with his faves and have it sent. Just be sure that he'll actually receive it!

4. Have a movie date night.
Play your favorite cheesy rom-com movie and watch it at the same time. Communicate each other's thoughts via any messaging app!

5. Set a dinner date. 
Order in or prepare an easy dish and dine together via video call. Dress up and doll up to make things legit!

6. Plan a trip together. 
Get kilig all over again by booking a trip together to an awesome destination. Y
ou'll be excited to make up for the time spent apart, and you can celebrate all the missed holidays (birthday, Christmas, Valentine's Day, etc.) and squeeze them in your planned romantic getaway.

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7. Just talk for hours. 
Strengthening your relationship relies a lot on communication. Converse about trivial things and escalate the cheesiness—just go with whatever your hearts feel.


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