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Celeste Cortesi Debunks Rumors That Winning The Miss Universe PH Crown *Ends* Relationships

Celeste Cortesi Debunks Rumors That Winning Miss Universe Philippines *Ends* Relationships
PHOTO: Instagram/celeste_cortesi

For years, there has been an ongoing rumor that Filipina beauty queens who compete in the Miss Universe competition are bound to ~*break up*~ with their significant others. This allegedly started when Janine Tugonon’s long-term relationship ended following her first runner-up placement at the Miss Universe 2012 pageant.

Fast forward to 2018, news of Catriona Gray and Clint Bondad’s breakup surfaced shortly after she won the Miss Universe crown, and the same *exact* thing happened when Rabiya Mateo celebrated her Top 21 finish in the 2020 pageant.

It seems like Celeste Cortesi is here to completely *debunk* the rumors, though! In her recent interview with Boy Abunda, the beauty queen was asked how her relationship is going with her beau Mathew Custodio.

“Mathew was very supportive, he came with me to the U.S. and he was there all the way! I think what’s really beautiful about our relationship is the fact that we give each other space and understanding,” she shares. “We really understand each other’s needs, and he knew that Miss Universe was really important to me, so he was really there. Especially when I didn’t get into the top 16, he was beside me the whole time, with my mother, with my friends.” Aww!

Celeste Cortesi and bfInstagram/celeste_cortesi

Celeste also says that even though they do have misunderstandings (which is completely normal in every relationship, btw!), she feels super *lucky* to have Mathew by her side.

“He understands what I need, he understands what’s really important to me. I don’t find it toxic at all. I’m just really lucky to have a guy as supportive as him,” she says. “Of course, sometimes we fight, that’s normal, but we know our boundaries. I think that communication is very important in a relationship, that’s what we have, and that’s why we lasted for so long.”

Stay in love, you two!


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