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Chat Up New Guys With These Icebreakers

Introduce yourself to that hot stranger with these five convo starting techniques that are sure to get his attention.

1. Don't start a conversation; pretend you're in the middle of one. When you're in line at the movies, for example, pointing at a coming-soon poster and saying, "That's going to be hilarious, don't you think?" is more casual than "Hi, do you come here often?"

2. Lean toward him, say "Ha, check this out," and show him a tweet on your phone that cracked you up.

3. Use this line: "Is it me or is that [blank] kind of [blank]?" (Waiter kind of rude/salsa kind of spicy/bike kind of weird looking/woman kind of loud, etc.)

4. Ask to use his cell when a friend is running late. Say, "My battery is dead. Do you mind if I text my friend to find out when she'll be here?" Then, invite him to keep you company while you wait.

5. It's easy to get skittish about approaching a guy who's in the limelight, but if you're crushing on a starving musician, artist, or writer, remember that under-the-radar creative types are desperate for praise. March right up to that gorgeous folk singer at the coffee shop and tell him you love his work.

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