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He Left Me To Marry Someone For A U.S. Visa

And more crazy cheating stories from Cosmo Girls.
PHOTO: Chris Clinton

1. Girl Power

My relationship with Kurt* was always rocky. The year after I won a beauty pageant, I had to pass my crown to the new winner. I invited Kurt to the event, and he arrived super early, which was strange because in the four years I was with him, he always arrived late. When I started posting photos of the pageant online, an acquaintance named Pearl* commented on one of my photos with Kurt. She said they were together that night.

Miffed, I called Pearl and we compared notes. Turns out he saw us both that night. He told me he had to leave my event early, because he was starting to feel sick. He told Pearl that he wanted to see her that night, because he was sick and being with her would make him feel better. 

After further investigation, we both realized we were both being played for the past few years. Kurt wasn’t simply juggling two girlfriends; he had many others and we were just two of them.

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We both decided to leave him. After that, Pearl and I went on a soul-searching trip to Hawaii together. We’ve been best friends since then. In fact, Pearl is getting married to a wonderful man in 2017, and I’m her maid of honor. I, too, am in a great relationship.

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May, 28 

2. Becky With The Bad Hair

I was in college when I met varsity player Vernon*, and he was my first love. He seemed great except for one major thing—he was always extra close to other girls. Whenever I was jealous of a girl, he kept reassuring me that they’re just his friends, and he would even introduce me to all of them, just to prove that he isn’t hiding anything. I didn’t want to seem like the clingy, selosa girlfriend, so I tried my best to understand. 

But there was one girl whose name and presence just kept kicking my gut—Becky*. She wouldn’t look me in the eye whenever we crossed paths in school. She would only say hi to me when Vernon was there. I told Vernon that I think she’s in love with him, and he kept saying, “No, she’s actually into my friend, Sam*.” But she always gave Vernon special treatment. She bought him pasalubong from her trips abroad, and when I pointed that out, he said, “That’s not for me. That’s her gift for the whole swimming team. She’s close to the whole team.”

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Soon after our first year together, I had dinner with my blockmates with whom I hadn’t hung out for a long time (because I was too preoccupied with Vernon). When they saw me texting him, they were shocked. “Wait, what? You’re still with Vernon?” one of the girls said. “But I thought he’s with Becky.” I found out that people in their class assumed that they’re a couple because they were always together.

I confronted Vernon about this, and he denied there was anything going on. “It’s not like I’m sleeping with her!” he said. I was young and stupid, so I believed him. Fast forward to another year with him, I got fed up with all the girls he was “only friends” with, so I finally broke up with him. 

I soon found out from other schoolmates that they’d known about Becky and all his other girls, but they didn’t want to interfere because they didn’t think I’d believe them.

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Two years after college, I was working at a top advertising agency when Becky entered our office. She was a budding photographer who wanted to show her portfolio in hopes of getting gigs. In the middle of her presenting to my officemates, I barged in and said, “Hi!” She pretended not to know me as I sifted through her portfolio page by page. She lost her confidence throughout the presentation. When she left, my officemates knew something was up. “What’s going on?” they asked. I told them everything. “Okay, we will never book her,” they said.

Sophia, 31

3. End of Contract

I was with Gio* in college for two years when all of a sudden, he started acting strange. He was suddenly cold and distant. One day, I saw him with another girl in school and that’s how I found out—just like that. There was no explanation or closure. I was devastated. 

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After a year, I graduated, moved on, and met someone new—Mike*. We fell in love. He was offered a temporary job in the US, so before he left to pursue his career there, he gave me a promise ring. He said he’d come back for me as soon as his contract was over. Six months later, I received a text from him saying that our relationship was over—no explanation or anything. I found out from common friends that he got married to a US citizen to help him land a VISA. I was heartbroken again.

It took me a few more years to move on and finally meet the right person—Dan*, who asked me to marry him in 2010. Throughout our marriage, we reconnected with old friends from the past and guess who Dan ended up becoming good friends with? Gio. I moved on years ago, so it’s all cool with me. We are all good friends to this day.

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A few years ago, I got the strangest phone call of my life. Eight years after vanishing into thin air, Mike decided to give me a call, just to let me know, “Divorced na ako!” He said he needed closure and wanted to meet up. The nerve! I told him I’m already married. That was the last I heard from him.

Grace, 33

4. Swinging Both Ways

We were at a karting event when my then-boyfriend left his phone and other valuables with me. “Sige ka, babasahin ko yan,” I joked when he gave me his phone before karting. “Eh di basahin mo, wala namang laman yan!” he said. I suspected that one of my female friends had a crush on him, so I snooped through their exchange of messages and saw that they were harmless. Sigh of relief!

But then I snooped some more and found messages he sent to three other girls. One message said, “Tell me that you love me, because I love you.” Another one said, “Thanks for last night. It’s our little secret.” Wala palang laman ah! I confronted him and he denied it all the way. Unfortunately, I was young and stupid back then, so we worked it out and he cheated on me five more times. 

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But what really made me decide to end it after all those years of cheating was when I found out that he had a relationship with his gay boss the whole time we were together. That ended it!

Yannah, 32

5. Burn, Baby, Burn

I saw my then-college boyfriend, Steve*, using a new wallet and I was like, “Nice! Where did you get that?” He said it was from his tita in the US. A few weeks after that, we were fighting a lot and I noticed that whenever I was out of town, he would call up my friend, Melissa*. I couldn’t help but feel paranoid that they were getting too close. I confronted her about it, and she assured me that there was nothing to worry about.

When my relationship with him was going downhill, I broke up with Steve. He tried to win me back, but I asked for space to think about things. I had coffee with my best friends and told them that I was thinking about giving Steve another chance. One of them said, “Don’t! Remember his new wallet? Melissa gave that to him. He cheated on you with her. He told me about it.”

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That same day, Steve went to my house with a bouquet of roses. I didn’t tell him I knew yet. When he smoked a cigarette, I asked if our photo was still in his wallet. When he showed it to me, I grabbed the wallet and his cigarette, burned the wallet in front of him, and said, “From your tita pala ah!”

I locked him out of my house and never spoke to him again. Then I texted Melissa and told her I knew everything. Her reply: “For all it’s worth, I’m sorry.”

I soon found out that she was always the other girl. She did this several times to many other friends. Before we graduated from college, she got pregnant by another guy.

China, 29

* Names have been changed.

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