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10 Sassy Clapbacks To An Ex Who Doesn't Deserve You Back

Got a handful to say but couldn’t find the words? Tap technology.
Things To Say To An Ex Who Is Trying To Get You Back
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Got someone from your past that you don't want in your present? If your old beau is trying to win you over again but you've had enough of *that* relationship, how do you deal?

Dealing with an ex-partner who might have a history of cheating, or other relationship red flags can be tough, but remember, you're a strong woman and you know your worth. If he hits you up one random night and you're in the mood to give choice words, we gotchu.  With a little help from technology, we asked sassy clapbacks to help you teach him a lesson to never contact you again. Here's what ChatGPT provided us. 

These phrases are so sassy, they're bound to make your ex fully regret what they’ve done. 

  1. "My self-worth is haute couture. And your antics? So last season."
  2. "I'm a limited edition, and you played yourself by not recognizing my value."
  3. "My confidence shines brighter than any diamond, and I refuse to let you dull my sparkle."
  4. "You thought you could erase me with your lies, but I'm a masterpiece that can never be painted over."
  5. "I'm the leading lady of my own life, and I deserve a partner who knows how to treat me like a star."
  6. "You tried to dribble your way through my heart, but sorry, I'm not a game you can play."
  7. "Like a timeless fashion icon, I'm walking away from your drama with grace and poise."
  8. "You underestimate my strength, but now I'm rising from the ashes with a fiercer flame."
  9. "My heart is not a revolving door for your mistakes. I deserve someone who cherishes it unconditionally."
  10. "Remember this: I am a woman of substance, style, and self-love. Your presence is no longer needed in my fabulous journey."

Don't let anyone dim your shine or make you question your worth. With these classy clapbacks, you'll show the world what it really means to be a fun, fearless Filipina. Stay fabulous, stay fierce, and remember, you deserve nothing but the best!

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