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Cosmo Confessions: What's The Most Dramatic Thing That Happened To You In High School?

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If high school left you unscathed, you're one of the few lucky ones. At a time when we were all just trying to balance our hormones, studies, crushes, and annoying parents, everything was ~extra~ dramatic, amirite? Even those who wanted to lie low were sometimes dragged into situations they didn't want to be in. 

It's time for another round of #CosmoConfessions, and we asked Cosmo girls for their most dramatic high school stories!

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"Bakit parang kasalanan ko?"

"During freshman year, there was a big barkada in our class who had an internal conflict amongst themselves. Our adviser didn't know how to handle it, so what she did was, she asked the WHOLE class to pass papers with your name written on it, which had two sections (positive and negative). She asked THE ENTIRE CLASS to write what we liked and didn't like about EACH CLASSMATE. Talk about "Bakit parang kasalanan ko?"

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Blondes don't always have more fun

"Got sanctioned for getting my hair dyed!!!!!! What if I was born blonde?!?!?!"


"I made friends with a girl from a higher batch. We randomly started talking while waiting in line at the caf. I can't even remember why we clicked, pero it was one of those super natural conversations. Soon enough, I'd walk to her class to visit her tapos she'd always point out her crush—as in kinikilig. Na-friend zone na siya, so she was trying to think of ways to get out of it. She introduced her crush to me to hopefully get to know her more. Tapos one night, may tumawag sa bahay. When my lola told me who it was, I paused 'cause the name sounded familiar pero hindi ko alam kung bakit siya tumatawag! 'Di ko naman binigay yung number ko. Long story short, my friend told me na her crush had a crush on me. Ang awkward!"

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"I went with my friends to support one of our friends when she was gonna confront someone...and it ended in a catfight—to the point that when the girl threw her drink at my friend, half of the drink went on my face."

Cried a river

"I made my CL teacher cry in front of the class on her first day..."


"So we were a group of three. Tapos since we're from an all-girls school, yung guys namin from different schools. So, siyempre, we usually talk about them, kwento kwento ganyan. Then one day, bigla nag-intervention kasi wala na raw ibang bukang-bibig yung isa kundi yung guy niya. As in may pagtampo effect and hindi kinakausap yung girl na 'yun. HAHAHA, so petty!!! I mean, hello, ano iba namin paguusapan ng high school, e, wala naman masyadong ganap, hahaha!

Found her tribe

My whole high school life was dramatic (awow). I felt like I really didn't belong, and I never had a solid high school barkada (like my friends would change every year when we'd change sections). That all changed in college, though! I guess it's a matter of ~finding your tribe~ or whatever (or maybe my parents put me in the wrong high school, jk). 

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(Not) made for each other

"Not to me, but I remember two girls who were in a toxic relationship for years. I was classmates with them both one year, and the most dramatic part of my day would always be quietly eating at my seat during recess while my friends and other classmates watched them get into yet another fight in the middle of the classroom."

*Answers have been edited for clarity. 

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