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Cosmo Confessions: What Have You Always Wanted To Tell Your Mom?

'Pinapatawad mo na po ba ako?'
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It's Mother Day, so we asked Cosmo girls for all the things they want their mothers to know. What have you always wanted to tell her? 

  • "Pinapatawad mo na po ba ako?" Alonegirl
  • "I want to tell my mom [that] I love her so much, despite sa pagiging masungit ko kapag kinakausap niya ako. I feel so guilty 'pag nasusungitan ko siya." GandaKaTeh?
  • "I wish I could tell my mom how hard stuff is right now..." Jelle
  • "I wish I could tell her that I am not happy right now. That I shouldn't have jumped into marriage. That I need her to hug me during these hard times, but I cannot tell her about my loneliness because I don't want her to get hurt." —NNLY
  • "Mom, sorry for being the biggest disappointment ever! I've given you too many heartaches and I'm really sorry. But I thank you for still loving me and for understanding me. We may have our flaws but we've got each other's back every single time." —Lala 
  • "To my Madre, I wish you'd be more open and understanding that I'm now sexually active. Hopefully, you'll allow me to date out in the open because it feels silly that you're still so strict and I'm in my late twenties!" —Murphy

  • "Five years counting of being far away from you. How I wish I could turn back time to when you were just about to leave the country so I could have begged you to stay. How I wish we had the money so you didn't have to leave us. How I wish those five years were spent laughing, sharing stories, hugging, and being with you instead." —Aya
  • "Hi, mom! I am a gay girl. And I've had a girlfriend for nine years now. We are very happy. We have been engaged for three years. —Lottie Person
  • "That I love her so much and that I miss her every day. Almost a year ago since I lost her to cancer.16cmd 
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  • "I am sorry for all the bad things I have done. You were always there to support me every step of the way and no matter what happens, you are still my mom and nothing can change that. I love you always, mom."
  • "You have been our mother and father for the past 28 years. Ngayon, mommy na rin ako, and I have learned and realized everything that you have taught me was applicable sa lahat na nangyari sa buhay ko. I just hope na mapalaki ko din nang maayos yung anak ko at magabayan nang maayos kagaya nang 'pag gabay niyo sa aming magkakapatid. I will always thank you for everything, especially for letting us na kahit hindi kumpleto, e hindi namin naramdaman na iba kami sa ibang tao na kumpleto ang pamilya. I love you!Mama Kams
  • "I should've listened to you when you said he wasn't The One. Indeed, mother knows best." Wacko
  • "The hardest thing I've ever had to do was let you go. I miss you every day."
  • "If I just had enough courage, I would tell my mom about the time my boyfriend and I reached third base." Serra
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These Cosmo Confessions were submitted via Curious Cat. Answers have been edited for clarity.

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