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Sue Ramirez To Cheaters: 'Kung nambabae ka, doon ka na. Make up your mind.'

'Cheating...'yun talaga yung pinaka hindi ko kayang tanggapin.'
Sue Ramirez cosmo confessions

Our April 2023 cover star Sue Ramirez is known for her bright personality and sense of humor, so when the time came for her to appear on an episode of Cosmo Confessions we knew we'd be getting *the good stuff*. And by that we mean the actress would most likely deliver her answers in a hilariously witty way.

Sue got candid with Cosmo on all things, love, relationships, and career. The self-confessed hopeless romantic revealed interesting details about her love life, like her first celebrity crush ("hanggang ngayon, hindi nagbabago, si Zanjoe Marudo. At nakatrabaho ko siya, so panood niyo 'yan. Swerte ko diba?"), her biggest heartbreak ("I came kasi from a five-year relationship in the past...first time namin mag-break, hindi niya ako hinabol."), to her biggest dating deal-breaker ("Cheating, 'yun na 'yon. Andami ko nang pinagdaanan sa love...'yun talaga yung pinaka hindi ko kayang tanggapin. 'Pag nambabae ka, doon ka na, diba? Make up your mind.").

Sue also joked about getting bitten by a snake as a child (the reason is *wild*, let us tell you), and even gave us a sample of what being at a karaoke with her would be like — one word: AMAZING! Watch her spill secrets while being effortlessly funny in the full episode:

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