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Cosmo For Your Guy: 4 Ways To Romance Her On A Date

Guys, it's time to ditch last year's dismal dating habits and start afresh in 2010. Cosmo gives you tips on sweeping a woman off her feet this New Year!

Even if your “anniv” is not for another couple of months or your “monthsary” is three weeks away, it’s never too early to put more romance into the relationship. And what better time to boost the romance than at the start of the year? Here, some sweet, non-mushy ways to channel Cupid.

Tune In To Her Tastes

Most guys think romance equals a dozen roses. But they’re cliche and some women don’t even like them. To really earn pogi points with your girl, you have to do your homework and figure out what she’s into. “Paying attention to her favorite flower, food, and wine shows that you care about and understand her,” says Carolyn Bushong, author of Bring Back the Man You Fell in Love With. So rather than bring her the ol’ standby buds, pick up a couple of tulips (if those are her fave) or that siopao asado she always craves for.

Turn It Into An Event

A romantic date should feel superspecial—like prom night, minus the limo and corsage. Meaning: Make it a production. “Anyone can drop money on dinner,” says Douglas Weiss, PhD, author of Intimacy. “But when you put time and effort into planning something extraordinary for your girlfriend, it makes her feel appreciated.”

Start by telling her a couple of weeks in advance that you have a surprise evening planned, so she has something to look forward to. Then have a few fun things set up, like drinks at a hotel bar, dinner at a fancy restaurant, a concert, even a catered meal at your place.

Go Old-School

No, you don’t have to throw your jacket over a puddle or anything, but a little bit of chivalry can’t hurt. “Everyone likes to be nurtured,” says Weiss. “That’s why simple gestures like pulling out her chair, helping her carry her things, or just opening the door for her will make her feel taken care of.”

For bonus points, try this smooth move: When you get to the restaurant, hand the server your credit card on the sly and tell him to charge the dinner. That way, there’s no haggling over who’s going to pay when the bill comes. You’ll just sign your slip and say, “It’s taken care of.” Very smooth.

Make Her Feel Special

Compliments are always nice, but what’s even better is showing your girlfriend that you only have eyes for her. “You want her to feel like she’s number one,” says Bushong. “Put all of your focus on her: Ask lots of questions about any dreams she has, maintain eye contact, and touch her hand while you’re talking.” You can even use a not-so-cheesy line, like “I think you’re the hottest girl here.” That should guarantee you some loving later.

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