8 Things Couples In Long-Term Relationships Hate Hearing

'When's the wedding?'
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If being single attracts unwanted inquiries and opinions from the people in your life, being in a long-term relationship is no different. Being constantly bombarded with statements and questions that are just a) annoying AF; b) state the obvious; or c) passive-aggressive as hell can be taxing. But hey, that’s the price you must pay for true love. Lol! And if things get too irritating to handle, you and your man can just hole up, hide from the real world, and enjoy each other’s company while the rest the single, lonely people in the world try to find a mate and bother others with their exasperating word-vomit.

Just in case you are in a solid romantic relationship, here are 8 phrases to help you recognize the haters in disguise!

1. “So when’s the wedding?”

When the time comes, you won’t be invited.

2. “You know what, magkamukha na kayo!”

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Hindi nga? Talaga? Sobra ka naman! Mej lang.

3. “Bored na ba kayo sa isa’t-isa?”

Not really. At least we have someone to hug at night when it gets lonely and we know you know how that feels, right?

4. “Kamusta naman sex life niyo?”

Probably much better than yours. *wink*

5. “Grabe. I can’t do what you two are doing. Monogamy is just so overrated.”

Your opinion is overrated…

6. “So what do you do when he’s/she’s out of town?”

Eat ice cream and cry. 

7. “Don’t you guys miss dating, playing the field, and meeting new people?”

Yes, keep telling yourself that doing that in your late-20s/mid-30s is SO. MUCH. FUN.

8. “Super bagay kayo! Meant to be!!!”

We know, ok! That’s why we’re together.

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