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Bride-To-Be? You Need These Weird Inventions In Your Life!

No. 1 will come to your rescue.
PHOTO: YouTube/Bridal Buddy

Something old, something new. Something borrowed, something…eww? With the wedding season in full force this June, here are inventions to help the bride get through the biggest day of her life. Any takers?

1. Wedding diaper

Yes, it’s exactly what you think it is—an adult diaper that brides can wear under the heavy wedding dress. Some wedding gowns are so layered and complicated that brides would rather hold it in than lift that fluffy balloon skirt and pee in the limited bathroom options available. Not to worry; a wedding diaper will save the day!

2. Bridal buddy

If the idea of wearing a diaper under your wedding dress grosses you out, but you don’t want all your bridesmaids fussing around to help you lift the complexity that is your dress, try the bridal buddy. It’s an extra slip that you wear under the dress. When it’s time to go potty, you lift your dress and scoop it into the bridal buddy. It’s like a life-sized shower cap that keeps your dress tucked safely without you worrying about it getting stained or stepped on.

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3. Smart ring 

Why go for traditional rings when you can get one that doubles as an anniversary alarm clock? Don’t worry about your husband forgetting your anniversary date. Remember Rings will remind him of your special day every year of his life—as long as he keeps his ring on, that is! Just specify your anniversary date and the manufacturers will program it into the ring. Exactly 24 hours before your anniversary, the Hot Spot technology will warm the ring to 120°F for approximately 10 seconds, and will repeat every hour, all day long! The rechargeable battery converts body heat into electricity, so there’s no need to worry about battery life. 

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4. Eco-friendly wedding dress 

We’re not just talking about fabrics made from cruelty- and sweatshop-free fabrics. A few years ago, British fashion and engineering students at Sheffield Hallam University created environmentally friendly wedding garments that will dissolve in water after being worn. After using it in your wedding, the dress can transition into five other fashion-forward looks you can wear before it dissolves in water without harming the environment. The only downside: pray hard that it doesn’t rain on your wedding day.

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