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18 Things You Should Know Before Dating A Freelancer

No. 3 sums it up!
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1. You think that freelancer = lots of free time?

Not always. While we have enviable three-day weekends, it’s usually followed by multiple projects where we’re running around like headless chickens for days.

2. We don’t have a 9-5 job, but our schedule is crazier than a regular office position—flexible work hours with no overtime pay.

If the creative juices start flowing at 6 p.m., trust that we will not leave our laptop until we finish at midnight or later. Do not disturb! We juggle many clients and projects—each with its own working schedule and dynamics. Despite owning a hardbound planner, a digital planner in our MacBook, and note-taking apps in our phone, we still manage to mix up the rakets we’ve penciled in. Stay away when this happens; it’s worse than PMS!

3. We don’t operate the same way employees do.

We don’t count our VLs and list down working holidays because we can go on vacation anytime we want. We don’t count down to payday because we get paid per project and months in between. Pardon us when we don’t get excited that tomorrow’s a holiday. While everyone else is whining about EDSA traffic during rush hour, we’re typing comfortably at home. #PerksOfAFreelancer

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4. Last-minute dates with us have a bigger success rate than planned getaways.

“Drinks later? Sure! Tagaytay next weekend? Wait, let me check if my photo shoot will push through.” *forgets to reply until that weekend*

5. If you plan to date us long-term, prepare to be part of our work itinerary.

 You’ll automatically be our plus one in free events, concerts, and parties. You’ll find yourself part of the brainstorming process and backend work of our projects—without getting paid, because you like us and you think our projects are cool. Right?! *wink*

6. Please don’t think that we reply late because we’re not interested!

Most of the time we’re really caught up in writing lengthy articles, interviewing people, organizing events, or stuck in a location shoot where there’s no signal. If we really like you, we will text back…eventually.

7. Please don’t judge the way we dress.

On the outside we may look like a chill, lazy-ass vagabond who wears flip-flops and ripped denim shorts daily, but deep inside we’re a professional one-woman company. We are our own secretary, runner, manager, accountant, and CEO—just without the formal uniform and barcode ID.

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8. We really dress down for work.

When sending all those professional-sounding emails from home, we’re actually wearing nothing but ratty pajamas, bunny slippers, and best of all—no bra. *cue Fifth Harmony’s work, work, work, work, work…*

9. We don’t like to Facetime in the middle of work-from-home day.

Because we usually don’t look decent. We’re still dressed in our pantulog, zero makeup—heck, we probably haven’t even taken a bath since we woke up—and… OMG did we even brush our teeth this morning? But hey, we managed to finish three project deadlines and email all our clients today!

10. Don’t you dare surprise us with a home visit.

Or you’ll see the true sloppy state of our “office.” But if you bring snacks, that’s totally fine.

11. When it’s finally time to crawl out of our home office cave, we clean up nice and dress up.

For a meeting, VTR, audition, event, or better yet, a date with you—full-on makeup and accessories, dahil minsan lang ‘to!

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12. Unless we’re working from home that day, we’re hard to pin down.

 One minute we’re in an audition or meeting in Makati, and the next we’re cooped up in a café or co-working space. And then we’re off to an event or interview. You may end up picking us up somewhere different from the original venue we agreed upon.

13. There’s a major chance our date or planned vacation will take the backseat when a once-in-a-lifetime project suddenly pops up.

Please do not take offense when that happens. We will make it up to you, promise.

14. You will compete with our smart phones.

As freelancers, we need to be on top of all things social media—from important emails we’ve been waiting for to the latest trends promoted by our clients. We’re always eagerly waiting for our latest project to be promoted online or any form of media. Even when we promise you we won’t touch our phones during our dinner date, please don’t hate us when our eyes suddenly dart to see the Viber alert from a major client. We will reply when you’re not looking.

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15. We’re like doctors—on call 24/7.

We might have to reschedule our coffee date when our editor suddenly asks us to cover an event at The Fort this afternoon—yes, even if it’s a Sunday and a holiday!

16. We’re unpredictable and spontaneous.

We fly by the seat of our pants, so you’ll always wonder what we’re up to next or what kind of surprise we have in store for you. We’re used to chaos, so we know exactly how to handle erratic situations. We give the best advice for multitasking and handling life’s curveballs.

17. We tend to always bring work with us.

Even while sipping margaritas in the middle of our romantic beach getaway. Don’t be surprised if you suddenly see us editing an article or uploading a sponsored post on Instagram in the middle of Netflix and chill.

18. You will have a difficult time understanding our work schedule and structure.

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Don’t worry; it took us months to organize our life around the chaos. By the time you finally figure it out, we’re probably already officially together for years because you’ve learned to love us beyond this erratic career called freelancing.

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