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Ouch! Research Says People Find It Easier To Break Up With Someone Via Text

New research reveals what Pinoys in the digital age actually think about love and relationships.
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Finding ~*the one*~ isn't exactly easy. For most people, it takes years before you figure out what it is you really want in a relationship, which is understandable because there are just *too many* emotions involved. 'Di mo talaga alam kung anong mangyayari

Plus, in this day and age, sobrang daming added pressure when it comes to dating—especially now that most of it happens online. You have to find the perfect profile picture, come up with a clever bio, and take note of dating "rules" that tbh, just don't make sense anymore.

Research published in a Havas Ortega Prosumer Report examined how ~*romance*~ has changed in the digital age. They gathered data from over 200 respondents aged 18 and above called "Prosumers," aka leading influencers and market drivers who are ahead of mainstream consumers by around six to 18 months. 

So, what exactly did they find?

Despite the fact that most people endure ghosting and other complicated dating trends, it seems that it isn't the end for ~*true love*~: In fact, 100 percent of the respondents still have faith that they will find it soon.

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As previously mentioned, people are becoming more comfortable about flirting and dating online, with respondents using platforms like Facebook (81 percent), Instagram (26 percent), and even LinkedIn (11 percent) for their romantic pursuits. (Tbh, na-curious ako bigla about looking for love on LinkedIn, lol!) And over 66 percent believe that once you know what you like, you can find your soulmate on dating apps.

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However, the data also showed that navigating your love life online can also be pretty tricky. 77 percent believe that dating apps have made them even more selective when it comes to deciding who to date. It's said that this is because "the more options that people have, the more difficult it becomes to choose." Plus, 62 percent now believe na mas madaling makipag-break over text or social media. Ang sakit naman nito, huhu.

Additionaly, it's worth noting that there is an increase in progressiveness when it comes to love: 89 percent of respondents think that sex education needs to improve, and 55 percent believe that allowing people to choose their gender represents progress for society. It’s highly likely that the increased awareness when it comes to these matters is because we have more opportunities to learn about it. Think of all the times you learned something because of those eye-opening Twitter threads. Interesting, 'di ba?

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These progressive changes are not limited to romantic love: 72 percent think that one can have a child without being in love which is a pleasant surprise, given that we live in a country that highly values traditional beliefs.

When it comes to dating apps, 81 percent think they're useful when it comes to finding a partner who shares the same interests. But this doesn't mean that it's their primary source for romantic connections—85 percent still trust their family, and 79 percent look to their friends for possible connections. On the other hand, 29 percent rely on social media and 36 percent on random encounters. 

Based on these findings, it's clear that Filipinos continue to believe in love despite the fact that the dating scene has become increasingly confusing over the past few years. They still exhaust all the channels they have—through traditional means, such as through friends and family; or digital channels, such as social media. At the end of the day, it's still about one thing: finding someone who will love and cherish you, even with the risk of being ghosted.

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