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David Licauco On Being A Hopeless Romantic: 'Saying 'I love you' was very memorable, but the breakup was even more memorable'

Maria Clara At Ibarra lead—and Cosmo's February cover starDavid Licauco is currently a hot topic on the internet these days. His nuanced portrayal of character Fidel has led many to become a fan of the Pambansang Ginoo, but the 28 year-old has stayed humble and grounded despite his sudden rise in popularity.

"I tend to be shy in right now, I'm shaking [a bit]," the actor half-jokingly says to the camera. But despite his shyness, David got up close and personal with us in a revealing game of Cosmo Confessions.

From his hobbies and interests to his thoughts on love and relationships, watch this episode to learn more about the man of the hour—btw, if you're someone who's goal-oriented and confident, and your friends would describe you as "a girl who knows what she wants and goes after it," then it sounds like you're David's type. *winks*

David Licauco Gets *SUPER* Personal | Cosmo Confessions

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