Best Sex Positions For Quickies

5 Best Sex Positions For Quickies

In the mood for an afternoon delight?
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When you get some crazy sex cravings in the middle of the day, bolt home on your lunch break, find your baby, hold them tight, and grab a little afternoon delight.

The Boss Lady

Get on top of him then lie flat, with your legs inside of his. It's like you're the dude in missionary—and if you just go with it, it feels super sexy and powerful! Plus, having your legs pressed together is great for getting a really tight fit.

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The Break Room

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Get your apparel prepped: loose skirt, no panties. Start by bending over the sink. The cool countertop against your cheek, their hot mouth between your legs—nothing to do but just grab onto the edges and succumb to it, sister.

The Meeting Prep

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If quickies are over before you get into it, do a little pre-prep. Sneak off to the bathroom before and get yourself very close, but not quite there. Right before you go to meet him, put a little dollop of lube between your legs and you will be ready to jump on him. Try a face-down position so you can slide a hand down and finish the job. Bend one leg up for deep penetration and one straight down for a tighter fit.

The Urgent Sit Down

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If you can't return to work later in the day looking like you did what you did, reduce disheveledness by keeping your clothes (mostly) on. Sit him down and hop on his lap. Wear a loose skirt, no panties, and keep your heels on. Hold onto him almost too tightly by the tie—no reason, just to be bad-ass.

The Wall Banger

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No time? He unzips, lifts your skirt, presses you against the wall for hot, urgent sex. Even better if he pins your arms above your head and you pull his ass closer with your leg. To mitigate height differences, he can get on his knees while you squat down, back still against the wall. You won't notice your thighs are burning til later.

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