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Decode His Disappearing Act

Did the hot new guy you were dating suddenly fall off the map? Cosmo helps you figure out why.

You're dating a new guy and everything is amazing...until he stops calling you and then seems to drop off the face of the planet altogether. It's almost like he never existed, and you're completely baffled. What happened?

You were both super busy. A crazy work schedule, trip, or unforeseen emergency can sabotage your spark. Too much time between early dates—especially more than two weeks—can cause infatuation to fade since there's no emotional connection yet to keep things going.

He thought you were too fab. A guy's sense of attraction hinges on feeling wanted by you—socially, emotionally, financially, etc. If you have those going on already, he may be intimidated and check out. The fix isn't to give up your great life but to make sure he knows he can add to it.

You got close super fast. Sure, starting out with cozy nights in and sleepovers might seem romantic, but going right from flirtation to acting married can cause passion to lose steam.

You waited too long to open up. Skip the dirty details, but before you sleep together, give him the "you" basics. Just mention anything you consider a milestone, like that you once lived with a guy, for example. Men who don't learn this stuff until later may feel misled...and walk.

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