Decode Your Office Crush's Small Talk

Decode Your Office Crush's Small Talk

Find out what your hot coworker is really saying between the lines!

He brags about some big accomplishment.

You think: "Mayabang!"

It could mean: He may just really like you. By boasting, he's actually trying to impress you by "proving" that he could be a provider.

He hates his job or his boss.

You think: "Kawawa naman..."
It could mean: He might be complacent. If he's miserable about the place he voluntarily goes to every day, he may be too chicken to make changes to improve that situation...and others, like a relationship in which he's unhappy.

He laughs about office high jinks.

You think: "Isip bata."
It could mean: Well, he could be, but it could also indicate that he possesses good social skills and can find the humor in situations.

He's work obsessed.

You think: "Masipag!"
It could mean: Relationships come second. Yapping nonstop about work says his identity is wrapped up in his career, not his emotional life.

Source: Psychologist Daniel Goldfarb, PhD, author of Red Flags! How To Know When You're Dating A Loser; psychologist Denise Budden-Potts, PhD, dating coach in San Marcos, California

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