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Decoding Male Body Language: Read His LIPS

Got a hot date or new summer romance? If you want to know more about him, just pay attention to his puckers.

The Lip Biter

A man will do this when he's holding something back--he's literally forcing his lips closed so that he won't blurt out what he's thinking. This will often happen when he's feeling an intense emotion, such as attraction, and wants to think about the best way to express it.

The Smirker

If a guy you've just started hanging out with gives you one of these half smiles, run the other way. It's a classic sign of contempt, meaning this guy thinks he's God's gift to women, and is likely playing the field--and playing you.

The Perma-Grin Guy

Pay attention to the corners of his mouth. If they consistently turn up toward his ears, he is rocking a genuine smile and is a glass-half-full type of guy. If, however, the corners reach straight back toward his jaw, he is faking it and feels the need to be a people pleaser.

The Lip Licker

This move may look sexy, but it can communicate something sinister. When a guy licks his lips immediately after making a statement, it may mean he was telling a lie...and now he's trying to wipe the guilty words off his mouth.

Sources: Body language and detection expert Janine Driver; body language consultant Jan Hargrave, author of Let Me See Your Body Talk

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