Does He Like 'Em Long Or Short?

Length DOES matter, even to men. Find out whether men prefer things long or short, in many different ways!


Women love to ramble on and on before getting to what exactly they wish to say. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, since communication is key to making any relationship--be it with friends, family, or a lover--a success. However, this doesn’t mean you have to communicate extensively every time. Unlike women, men think in a linear way, so to get his FULL attention, learn to edit and keep the extra details so a minimum.
2. HISTORY 101

Getting to know you is a man's way of figuring you out and determining if you two are friendship or relationship material. But do think before you speak. Unless you’ve been dating for a long time--when you're like the best of friends and the element of trust and understanding are evident--it's best to avoid talking about your exes, sexcapades, and other emotional baggage. When getting to know someone, no man wants to feel they're second best. Neither does he want to think you're someone who sleeps around or someone who tries to win men over with pity. All these make you seem inappropriate, without self-respect, and in dire need of attention!


Contrary to popular belief, not ALL men prefer long French tips or long hair on women! What they do prefer is the look of having healthy, clean, and well-maintained hygiene. So whether it's long or short, for as long as your hair looks healthy and vibrant, that's what counts! Nails, on the other hand, are something else. Keep them short (not bitten) or grown very minimally, and you'll look well-kept and neater. Too long nails scream high-maintenance--not exactly the hands for some tender caressing. You get the picture.


Having our men wait is not something they enjoy. Just because they are gentlemen or need to show their devotion doesn't mean you should have them wait on you. This will only give the impression that you are inconsiderate, immature, and selfish, as you have no regard for OTHER people’s time. Men may joke about it a lot but when they've gotten sick of the "fashionably late" act you keep up, he won’t wait a second to walk out the door.

No one likes a tease. If you only intend to string a man along to feed your ego or because you can't make up your mind for whatever reason, be the bigger person and be straight with them. If you’re afraid to hurt their feelings, you're only drawing up more resentment from them if you wait too long to be honest about your feelings. They'll only appreciate your honesty from the start.

But when it comes to getting in between the sheets with your man, going right into the action may elevate your sexual energy as a couple while your level of intimacy hasn't been cultivated yet. Making time for prolonged foreplay and cuddling allows a man to break down his emotional walls and allow you to be a more intrinsic part of his life (other than a sexual partner). This not only strengthens your bond but will more likely keep him from straying. This is where true feelings start to come in. So unless you intend to be just the "good time" girl, invest time in building a deeper foundation.

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