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Does True Love Really Exist?

A study shows that one in seven adults are not with their "true love."

Is the person you're with "the one?"

According to a survey conducted in the UK, one in seven adults claim that despite being in a serious relationship with their partner, they do not consider them "the love of their life." The survey also revealed that while women tend to fall in love more than men, both men and women fall in love two times in their lifetime.

Seventy-three percent of the respondents said that their "true love" got away but have "made their peace" with their current partners. If given the chance to be with their true love, however, forty-six percent said they would leave their current partners.

"What is alarming is that so many people claim to be in long term relationships or even married to someone who isn't the true love of their life,” said Claire Jarvis, communications director for Siemens, to The Telegraph.

So how do you know when you're with the right person? There is a three-part model that can help romantic hopefuls determine if their partner is truly “the one,” according to Samuel Lopez De Victoria, Ph.D., a psychotherapist and adjunct psychology professor at Miami Dade College. These are passion (including the physical and sexual attraction you feel for your partner), intimacy (built of trust and safety), and commitment (respecting your partner's views and opinions).


How about you? Do you have passion, intimacy, and commitment in your current relationship?

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