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Woman Suspects BF Is On Tinder, Attacks Him With A Samurai Sword

She bought the sword after finding Tinder on his phone.
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Sometime between when he fell asleep and when the 9-1-1 call was placed at approximately 1:54 a.m. on March 3, Alex Lovell woke to his girlfriend standing over him, swinging a samurai sword at his body. According to the arrest affidavit, Emily Javier allegedly purchased the sword at a mall and taped it (along with two knives) to the side of their shared bed for the purpose of stabbing Lovell, who she suspected was cheating on her, in his sleep. Lovell was jostled awake by the attack in progress, and managed to talk Javier down and convince her to call 9-1-1 so he wouldn't die.

Don't worry — Lovell is gonna be fine! He's fine. He sustained life-threatening injuries during the attack, but was recently well enough to give a colorful interview to the Oregonian. By his account, Lovell woke up to Javier's sword attack and his instincts kicked in—Lovell is a gamer, and said he's been spending 12 to 13 hours a day playing a game called "PlayerUnknown's Battleground" in which players fight each other with weapons. He said he's also watched a lot of Kung Fu movies and at one point trained in some sort of martial arts.

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"I was able to wing chun my way to survival," Lovell told the Oregonian. He corralled Javier into a bear hug. "I saw the look in her eyes, and it scared the living poop out of me. I told her I loved her, and she was killing me. She needed to call police or I was going to die."

According to the arrest affidavit, officers dispatched to Lovell and Javier's home after she called 9-1-1 found Lovell "curled up in the bedroom bleeding and blood spatter" on the walls. Lovell had "multiple lacerations and life-threatening injuries."

Lovell's index, middle, and ring fingers were reportedly chopped off at the base and were later reattached by doctors. "Obviously, I got some gnarly injuries," he told the Oregonian. But he remains proud of the way he was able to de-escalate the samurai sword attack.

"The feeling I had when I won the fight with my bare hands is just absolutely the best feeling," he said. "I've played all the sports, won big games, landed some decent tricks on my snowboard. This was better."

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Javier told police at the time of her arrest that she attacked her boyfriend because she suspected he was cheating. Her evidence to that effect was finding Tinder on his phone, scratch marks on his back, and red hair in the shower drain (her hair is dyed green). She said she had the sword for about a week. "I thought, I was gonna stab him while he was sleeping," she told police, according to the affidavit. What pushed her over the edge that night, she said, was when Lovell came home "without even acknowledging her and just ignored her."

Javier's trial for first-degree murder is set for May 7. She remains in jail in Clark County, Oregon on $350,000 bail.

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