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Enrique Gil Affirms *Super* Healthy Relationship With Liza Soberano

'We're just really busy,' Enrique stated.
enrique gil and liza soberano
PHOTO: YouTube/ABS-CBN News, Instagram/lizasoberano

Enrique Gil made a *clear* statement to shut down the rumor mill, once and for all. The actor declared his steady and healthy relationship with his longtime girlfriend Liza Soberano.

Enrique made the statement in an interview with ABS-CBN showbiz reporter, Gretchen FullidoAsked about the real status between him and Liza, Enrique responded with a smile. "Yeah, we're happy. We're just really busy," the actor said.

As if he's addressing everyone's curiosity about the lack of public sightings of them together and fewer social media posts as a couple, Enrique mentioned one of their realizations in their relationship. "I think we just realized na in life parang we shouldn't just be centered on each other, we could do more, grow more on our own paths. It'll make us better," he noted.

liza soberano and enrique gil

Upon hearing this, Gretchen couldn't help but comment on how they two have handled their relationship through the years. "Grabe ang healthy ng relationship niyo," her remark garnered a quick response from Enrique agreeing to it: "Super, super."

So will fans be seeing Enrique and Liza, also known as the love team LizQuen, together this Valentine's Day? Unfortunately, the two will be busy with their respective projects at the moment. "Sadly, I think Liza's in the U.S. now, promoting Lisa Frankenstein. But hopefully, if she gets back on time, she said she's gonna support me with my film."

He also teased about them giving each other a video shoutout for each other's movies. ICYDK, Liza is currently promoting her first Hollywood movie called Lisa Frankenstein, starring Cole Sprouse and Kathryn NewtonAs for Enrique, he is also promoting his upcoming film, Big Bird. It is his first film since his brief showbiz hiatus in 2020.

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Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil stepping back from their love team

It's been a while since breakup rumors hounded LizQuen's relationship. It was in 2022 when Liza decided to focus more on the international scene and leave the local showbiz industry for some time.

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Her decision obviously meant fewer projects between her and her reels-to-real-life lover Enrique. The two last worked together in a teleserye called Make It With You, which was canceled due to the pandemic restrictions back then.

Allegations stating that the two were already separated began after Liza signed with James Reid's music and entertainment label Careless. But Liza directly squashed the rumors in a June 2022 interview"Quen is very supportive of what I do. He knows every step of what I am doing," the actress said.

liza soberano and enrique gil

Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil addressing breakup rumors through the years

At the time, Enrique went on a Spain trip with his family, which triggered questions from fans on why Liza wasn't with them. Liza immediately shed some light on the issue and explained, "People are speculating that Quen and I broke up just because we weren't together on the trip. Just to clarify, no [we didn't break up], we're super good. It just so happened na at the same time as all the events I had to do in the States, his tita from Spain was also about to get married."


With Liza's journey to Hollywood, netizens couldn't help but think that it was really over for LizQuen. The rumor mill separating the two of them just won't stop. In an April 2023 interview, Enrique publicly declared his love for Liza.


"Hope is in the U.S., she is doing her own thing which I am going to support no matter what. I love her to death. I just really support her no matter what. I know it’s hard to go on a new path, but I support her nonetheless. And who knows? You might be seeing her coming back in the near future," Enrique proclaimed.

Since the rumors began, Liza and Enrique have been consistently assuring the public that they are okay despite the difficulties of a long-distance relationship. "We’re good, we’re good,” Enrique said when he was asked about his relationship with the actress.

"She’s just really busy with her stuff there. I am going to be visiting her maybe when my schedule clears up. I think she’s coming back here. But yeah, we’re good. [...] We don’t talk like we used to due to different time zones. But we still keep in touch, and she’s good there. She has a team with her there which is really good," Enrique added.


Enrique and Liza have been dating since 2014. Stay strong, you two!

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