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Erwan Heussaff On Meeting Anne Curtis For The First Time: 'I found her beautiful and I had a crush on her'

'I never thought meeting her, 'okay this is The One'.'
erwan heussaff anne curtis courtship reveal
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It's been nearly five years since Anne Curtis and Erwan Heussaff's November 2017 wedding in New Zealand, and since then the couple have welcomed daughter Dahlia into their lives. Both Anne and Erwan have shared several sweet anecdotes about their relationship on social media, from how they got together (Isabelle Daza played matchmaker during their 2009 Barcelona trip!) to their many touching anniversary posts for each other.

Quoting his 35th birthday message to Anne published in 2020, Erwan shared that in the span of a decade he's seen his wife grow in so many different ways. ""From short hair to long hair and back, from late nights out to order in TV dinners, from petty young love fights to laughing off problems we know we can work through together, from beer to kombucha, from insecurities to self-confidence, from tight-fitting dresses to comfortable pregnancy jeans and from your love of fish and chips, to your surviving love for fish and chips. The list goes on."


One thing #ErwAnne fans would love to hear more of is how the content creator made Anne ligaw, and he happily did so in a recent podcast with friend Wil Dasovich. In two separate vlogs, Erwan spilled the beans on how he and Anne first met (shout out to Wil for name-dropping a possible past Cosmo interview at 2:38! *winks*) and how he courted Anne.

Apparently, Erwan and Anne met at a bar in Manila—as friends—and didn't date until a couple of years after. "We knew each other from the same circle, and we were just friends. [We met] through [my sister] Solenn, and through Belle [Daza]." Erwan went on to explain why it's important not to have any expectations, because when he met Anne he didn't expect for them to start a relationship or eventually have a kid together. When Wil asked Erwan if he had a crush on Anne from the beginning, Erwan said yes: "I have to say I found her beautiful and I had a crush on her...But I never thought meeting her, 'okay this is The One'."

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On the topic of how Erwan pursued Anne, he said it just naturally happened. "We were definitely friends first, and when I lived in Russia...we were just conversing online [on MSN, AIM, and Messenger] and just chatting, that's really how it developed...Messaging, and then that developed to calling, and then eventually I moved back [to the Philippines]. That's when we started getting into a relationship. We had a really slow burn in terms of allowing ourselves to be together."

Erwan considers himself to be more of a "gesture guy," and at the beginning of their friendship he wrote letters and made mixtapes and mix CDs for Anne. Because they have similar taste in music, Erwan considered it a cool way to communicate. They wrote each other postcards while Erwan was based in Russia, which would take weeks to a month to be delivered—but despite the time spent waiting for the next letter, Erwan continued because "it's nice to receive these things with a CD and a letter, right?...I really enjoy writing." 


And now, fast forward over a decade later and Erwan and Anne are happily married and proud parents of an adorable daughter. We absolutely *love* happy endings!

Watch the full vlogs on Wil's YouTube channel, and check out the complete uncensored Episode 70 on Wil's podcast here:

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