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23 People On The Moment They Realized They'd Fallen Out Of Love

'I cheated on him and didn't feel guilty.'
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Sometimes, a relationship deteriorates over time until you realize you're just flogging a dead old horse. And sometimes, falling out of love with someone can just creep up on you out of nowhere. Either way, it's hard to call time on a relationship. Here, women share how they realized they had fallen out of love with their partners.

1. "I thought about him and I felt nothing. No happiness, no hurt, no anger, no nostalgia, no butterflies, no anxiety. Just...nothing." [via]

2. "During sex I would pretend to orgasm so it lasted as short as possible. I still had urges to have sex but wasn't even into it." [via]

3. "He used to get upset about little things and say, 'maybe I would be better off alone.' One day he said it and I didn't feel the need to convince him otherwise." [via]

4. "I either didn't want to be intimate with them, or felt like it was a chore." [via]

5. "When I was going through an incredibly rough and stressful time in my life and he did nothing to support me." [via]

6. "Suddenly I didn't miss them anymore. Suddenly, I didn't care. I wanted to be with other people, I started getting anxious at the thought that I was living with a person I wasn't crazy about." [via]

7. "When she started finding fault in everything I did no matter how insignificant it was." [via]

8. "I realized I had fallen out of love when it didn't hurt anymore that my needs weren't being met, but I had more self-worth by then so I left." [via]


9. "When their presence was getting annoying." [via]

10. "When I was counting down the minutes every day until he left for work." [via]

11. "I used to lull myself to sleep by imagining being single. That's when I knew." [via]

12. "I realized I no longer wanted to kiss him." [via]

13. "I didn't feel the urge to prove my point anymore, my arguments would simply end with an 'Okay.'" [via]

14. "When I asked myself to list (in my head) what I liked about him as a person and as a partner and I couldn't think of more than two things." [via]

15. "One day I noticed that I avoided kissing him when he left for work. Then I realized I hadn't actually kissed him in over a week, not for lack of opportunity since we lived together. The thought of kissing or touching him made me physically sick and it sealed the deal for me." [via]

16. "I cheated on him and didn't feel guilty." [via]

17. "When I feel like the relationship is starting to make me sad more often than happy." [via]

18. "I no longer want to have sex with them. I stop trying to spend quality time with them. I keep myself busier than usual or go out with friends more often. I cut way back on communication (for example texts or asking about their day). Little things about them that didn't annoy me before starting to really get under my skin, sometimes just being around them can feel annoying."

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19. "I felt better away from them than around them. I didn't care what they're doing or when they would be home. I didn't feel the need to update them on events in my life. I didn't really want them to touch me. Mostly just tons of apathy where I used to care." [via]

20. "I didn’t laugh at their jokes anymore. When I’m in love I find their jokes to be hilarious regardless if they actually are." [via]

21. "I know when I'd consistently rather be by myself or my friends than with him, it's over." [via]

22. "All of the red flags/negative qualities that I ignored were suddenly glaringly visible. I couldn't look at them in the same way. They didn't bring up the same feelings. Touching them or spending time with them didn't give me the same rush as before." [via]

23. "Typically, the first sign that I'm feeling 'done' [in] a relationship is when I no longer feel sexually attracted to them. I still have a sex drive, I just don't desire sex with them." [via]


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