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Fascinating New Facts About Love

Scientists are doing a ton of research on how men and women connect, and the findings are groundbreaking. Check out the latest intel so that you can jack up your bonding know-how.
Your Bod Falls in Love Faster Than Your Brain Does
Most people think of falling for someone as an emotional journey that takes time. But your body figures it out more quickly. Doctors say when you’re love-struck, your brain releases chemicals that make you feel gaga in one-fifth of a second. That’s as fast a the pop of a champagne bottle, a strike of lightning, or a single blink!

According to science, there are ridiculously easy and fast ways to become even more connected to your boyfriend. The key is to boost your body’s production of oxytocin—also known as the love hormone. These moves can bring you two closer:

1. Run your fingers up and down his forearm while you’re watching TV. Studies have shown that light, feathery touches like this one send oxytocin flooding through your system.

2. Go out for a delicious dinner.  Enjoying a good meal together that’s full of fragrant foods has been proven to get those chemicals pumping as well.

3. Snuggle up under a cozy blanket together. Many scientists believe when you’re warm and toasty, that feel-good hormone kicks in.

He’s More Sensitive About Some Relationship Issues Than You Are
A new study shows that some love-related upsets get to your guy more than they do to you. Take a stab at who’s touchier in these situations.

1. You Get Into a Fight
Answer: Sure, it blows when you argue, and it may leave you feeling unsettled. But it hits him harder. After a blowup, you can call your best friend or your mom to vent and talk things through. But most men don’t feel comfortable doing that, which means they’re left to process their feelings on their own, so it takes them longer to recover from a tiff.

2. You Haven’t Seen Each Other in a While
Answer: Women don’t need constant face-to-face contact to connect. While it’s not ideal, as long as you know he’s thinking about you, you can make it through a week or two without seeing him. Guys, on the other hand, struggle with this. Men feel most connected when they’re physically with someone, so time away from you affects him more dramatically.

3. You’re Both Stressed Out
Answer: If you’re both having really off weeks—maybe you have friend drama going on and he’s crazed at work—it bums you out especially. The reason: Women tend to rely on their partner to lift their spirits when things aren’t going well in other areas of their life. But if he’s having a tough time too, he may not be available to help you out, which leaves you worse off.

4. You Don’t Like His Mom
Answer: Surprisingly, he’ll be even more bothered than you are if you don’t gel with his mother—especially if he has a close bond with her. That’s because men like things to be easy and free of conflict at all costs. So if he’s sensing a problem between the two most important women in his life, it will really freak him out and cause him to stress.

Everything You Thought About Men and Commitment Is Wrong
Guys are always pegged as commitment-phobes, but research is proving that false. Docs found that most dudes say “I love you” about 42 days before women do. Just so you aren’t caught off guard, try to figure out how he feels prior to saying it by reading his body language.

1. If you’re out at a bar, he puts his foot on the bottom rung of your stool and balances his elbow on that raised knee, with his crotch facing you. He’s creating a circle between you, letting you know he feels united with you.

2. When he first sees you, he scratches his nose. There’s erectile tissue in his nose, and if he’s excited to be near you, it’ll enlarge, causing it to itch.

3. At a party, even when he’s talking to someone else, his shoulders are turned toward you. This is a sign you’re always on his mind.
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