Finally! There's A Word For Female Masturbation

A Swedish campaign asked for suggestions, and the winner is...

Remember the Swedish campaign to come up with a new word for female masturbation

Well we bring your joyous news this morning, folks, because the wait is finally over.

Following a public campaign from the Swedish Association for Sexuality Education (RFSU) to nail down a word which promotes an "open, positive view of sex and relationship issues," members of the public have submitted their suggestions for a better alternative to "flicking the bean" and all that jazz.

And we have to say, we think they've done a good job. Because without further ado, the new word for female masturbation is...


Sounding like something that's come straight out the kama sutra (which isn't too far off, TBH) we think we might actually be able to work with "klittra" starting now.

And considering that some of the other top submissions were the likes of "pulla" (which sounds just plain vicious), and "selfa" (which sounds like it involves a selfie—not cool), it was probably the best of a bad bunch.

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So will it catch on? Female masturbation has been known to be fairly taboo as an issue to be discussed in the public arena, but perhaps this shiny new word will change all that.


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