9 Women Share Their 'First Orgasm' Stories [NSFW]

'My boyfriend thought I was possessed.'
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1. It wasn't the first time I'd let a guy go down on me, but it was the first time I didn't freak out about it. I remember it going something like this in my head: "Oh, geez. Um, is he going down? Yep, he's definitely down there. Ug, it feels so weird. Should I stop him? I should stop him. Well, I'll wait just a minute. Breathe, girl. Ok, that's not so bad. Maybe another minute. Wow, it's getting better. It feels so WARM. Oh lord, that feels so good... OH, HOLY FUCKING SHIT!" And the rest is history. — Via Reddit

2. I was 20. My first boyfriend was diddling my skittle and I was loving it and then all of a sudden it hit. It was quite powerful. I remember being quite loud and he started to pull away, concerned, but I got a death grip on his hand and growled "DON'T YOU STOP, DAMMIT!" He told me he thought I was possessed. — Via Reddit

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3. I was seventeen, it was...like...no seriously, words cannot describe. I never even thought that amount of pleasure was possible. Makes me all warm just to think about it. — Via Reddit

4. I'd been watching porn for years before I tried to masturbate. It felt awkward and uncomfortable, so I gave up. When I was 17, I tried again, just rubbing myself over my pants. It felt like my body was suddenly covered in tickly sparkles. So amazing. — Via Reddit

5. A little over a year ago my bf managed to get that perfect rhythm during oral and BAM. Wow. Every muscle was tense and twitching. It was violent and amazing. — Via Reddit

6. My very first girlfriend and I were hooking up. We were both wearing jeans and making out and I was riding one of her legs. It was like pure numbness had entered my whole being and I literally could not stop riding her throughout my orgasm. The waves of euphoria and the tingly sensation all throughout my body. — Via Reddit

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7. The first time a guy made me orgasm it was incredible. We had been making out on my parents couch (they were sleeping/watching TV in their room) and he started to go down on me. It was hot. I just remember shaking and being overwhelmed with good emotions. — Via Reddit

8. I was 18 and in [my first year of] college. I don't think I had ever even tried to masturbate before. One day, I casually told a guy I was seeing at the time that I had never had an orgasm and he kind of flipped out. I had never thought about it before, but I remember finally getting that first orgasm and thought, "Why the fuck did no one tell me about this?!" — Via Reddit

9. I just recently, about a month ago, had my first [vaginal orgasm] with my current boyfriend, the second person I've slept with. It wasn't during sex, but we were just fooling around one night and he ended up fingering me. He purposefully avoided touching my clit as best he could, and something just clicked in me. It was just like this warm feeling enveloped me, and I just couldn't help from seizing from the pleasure.Took a while for me to recover from that one. — Via Reddit

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