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This Sex Position Is Good For Super Deep Penetration (Y'Know, If You're Into That)

flatiron sex position 101

The flatiron sex position doesn't seem like it would be one of the most intimate positions you'll ever be in— there's no eye contact, for one thing—but somehow it manages to be super cozy and sexy all at once, like getting hugged and fucked at the same time. It has a less of a we-are-actually-animals vibe than doggy. It's kinda like spooning turned on its belly, with the bonus of really deep penetration. It's also v good if your partner is XXL-sized, penis- or dildo-wise. (It works for all manner of large peen including regular old biglongthick and/or supersized.) Here's how to absolutely nail (no pun intended) this position, with expert advice to take it to the next level.

How to do the flatiron position

For starters, “The receiver lies facedown on the bed (or couch, or floor…whatever your deal is) with their legs straight, and hips slightly raised. The giver places their legs either side of their partner, and slips their penis or a strap-on in from behind,” says Ruby Payne, Pro-Domme and Sexpert for sex toy retailer UberKinky.


Another way to think of it: “It’s like if you were in the doggie-style position and then you both lowered yourselves onto the bed until you were lying flat,” says Kate Sloan, sex educator and author of the forthcoming book 101 Kinky Things Even You Can Do.

flatiron sex position

The benefits of the flatiron position

“This position allows for extreme physical closeness and full-body contact from head to toe, so it’s great for couples craving intimacy,” says Sloan. “It can make the vagina feel tighter, especially if the receptive partner’s legs are pulled close together, which may make penetration more pleasurable for both partners. And your faces are close together so it’s an ideal position for couples who enjoy dirty talk or just hearing each other’s moans.”


Flatiron position variations

Get a pillow involved:

“Go even deeper by placing a pillow or sex wedge under the receiving partner's hips,” says Payne. It can change the angle to exactly where you want/need it. “The flatiron is the perfect segue from doggy style into something shallower and less animalistic, so maybe save this position til last; if you’re a penis-owner then chances are you’re not going to last very long here.”

Take control:

“The bottom partner can use their hand to stimulate their own genitals while in this position. Or you can slip a wand-style vibrator underneath and get the clitoris in on the action,” says Searah Deysach, sex educator and owner of feminist sex shop Early to Bed. “By raising and lowering the hips, the receiver can control the depth.”

Lean into the kink:

“It’s a fantastic position for kinky play involving dominance and submission, because the receptive partner is essentially 'trapped' under the penetrating partner, creating a power dynamic that many people find exciting,” says Sloan. “For a kinkier flavor, the penetrating partner can use their hands to hold down the receptive partner’s hands and arms, making them feel even more deliciously pinned down and submissive.” If you really mean business, try cuffs or silk ties.



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