For Your Guy: 4 Instances Where She Needs You Most

Blessed with a wonderful but dense boyfriend who doesn't know when you need him? Sit him down next to you and make him read this.

When your girl's been hit with bad news, you, no doubt, rush to her side. But, there are other occasions where you might not realize that you need to be there for her. Take note and you'll win an even bigger piece of your woman's heart.

1. When She Gets A Promotion

She's pumped about scoring a better gig, but she might also be worried that the increased responsibility will wreak havoc on her work/life balance, says Bobbie Reid, author of Clueless: Real Solutions For Men Who Don't Get It—And The Women Who Love Them. So, plan a celebratory dinner to show her how proud you are of her and let her know you're capable of picking up the slack on the domestic front and keeping your duo steady.

2. When She Fights With A Pal

Resist the urge to lie low, assuming she'll work it out on her own. "She's lost one of her main sounding boards, so even if the squabble seems petty, she needs you to listen to her side," says Diana Kirschner, PhD, author of Opening Love's Door: The Seven Lessons. Just don't bash her friend to make her feel better—it'll bite you in the ass. "When she makes up with her pal, she'll have a hard time forgetting the things you said," says Kirschner.

3. When She's Meeting Your Inner Circle

Introducing her to your barkada is a big step for you...and for her. Make her feel at ease by filling her in. "Tell her names, relationship connections, taboo topics," says Reid. If she's meeting a bunch of them, take her over to one or two people you think she'll click with. Once she's involved in a conversation, give her a little squeeze on the waist or shoulders. That physical contact will silently assure her that you're in this together, says Reid.

4. When Her BFF Gets Engaged

When a close friend is heading down the aisle, your girl likely will take stock of her own life. But don't freak: She's not necessarily itching for a ring. Instead, she's probably fretting about losing QT with her friend once she's hitched. To cheer her up, "ask her about her favorite and craziest memories with her pal," says Kirschner. This way, you're helping her see that the two of them are tight for a reason and the upcoming nuptials isn't the end of the world...or the friendship.

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