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Four Teenage Women Receive Lab-Grown Vaginal Organs

Yes. As in vaginas.

Vaginal organs can now be grown in laboratories.

Wait, what?!

Okay, before you freak out, it’s actually a really good thing. This new scientific innovation can potentially help women avoid problems from other regenerative procedures.  

The four women who were implanted with the lab-grown vaginal organs suffer from vaginal aplasia, a condition that prevents their vaginas from forming properly while inside their mothers’ wombs, and makes them susceptible to a number of health problems.

Fortunately, Dr. Anthony Atala and a group of doctors from the Wake Forest Baptist Medical Centre in North Carolina have discovered a possible remedy through the lab-grown vaginal organs.

After the procedure, the women reported positive results and said they are capable of normal sexual function. And yes, they can enjoy pain-free, orgasmic sex. Yay!