9 'Game Of Thrones' Sex Positions To Unleash Your Inner Queen

Get ready to scream 'Dracarys!' all night.

Game of Thrones is a show with so many attractive characters and definitely-adults-only sex scenes can only encourage you to get it on. So try these nine positions if you feel inspired—you'll be heating up like wildfire (but not as deadly). Get yours, khaleesi!

  1. King's Landing


    Have a seat on your throne (their face) while you grab your headboard like it's your highest castle wall.

  2. The Valar Dohaeris


    Relax like you're the rightful heir to the throne while your partner serves you the royal treatment. Have them go to town on you with all your favorite things—their hands, their mouth, toys, or all the above. All Men Must Serve, indeed.

  3. The Littlefinger


    Have your partner slip their pinky finger into your ass during doggy or really at any point—so long as it's consensual, you can't really go wrong with a lil' anal play. Petyr Baelish would be proud.

  4. Theon's Great Joy


    No insertion necessary here–only dry humping. Both of you should lie on your side, interlocking legs. Grind on each other until you're as wet as the Narrow Sea.

  5. Bend the Knee


    Start by standing with one leg up and your knee bent, because you know damn well this is not a sign of weakness. Your partner pays tribute as they should, crouching below you and delivering the Jon-and-Ygritte-in-the-cave treatment with their mouth.

  6. Mother of Dragons


    Mount your partner while they lie flat on the bed. Set up a fan or open a window because as Dany knows, that wind is crazy flattering. Ride them without inhibitions with your hair whipping behind you. Yell out "dracarys" when you're about to orgasm because this position is straight FIRE!

  7. Dornish Three-Way


    An actual three-humans three-way can be intimidating and requires some planning. If you don't have a third person, substitute another third element—your favorite vibrator. Lie back on the bed and have them enter you standing while you use your vibe. You'll be thanking the gods—the old and the new.

  8. The Hound


    Doggy is all about releasing raw, animal energy. Get on your knees with your partner behind you, commanding them to deliver strong, deep strokes. In true Westeros style, turn off the lights, and if you're feelin’ it, light some candles because your partner isn't actually The Hound and thus probably isn't mortally afraid of fire.

  9. The Iron Throne


    Sit your partner down and show them who is the rightful heir to the throne. Face away from them with your feet on the floor so you can control the depth and speed, like the true queen you are. Winter is definitely coming.


This article originally appeared on Cosmopolitan.com. Minor edits have been made by the Cosmo.ph editors.

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