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Get Your Guy To Talk To You

Men aren’t as naturally chatty as ladies are. Cosmo shows you how to get your tight-lipped lover to spill his thoughts.
About His Feelings for You
Save it for bedtime. “This is when he’s at his most vulnerable and most likely to talk about feelings with you,” says L.A. sex therapist Ava Cadell, PhD. So draw it out of him while you’re lying together with a lead-in statement like “Mmm...sarap to be so close together, ‘no?”

About His Work
Avoid questions like “How was your day?” “Many men don’t see the point of rehashing it, so ask specific questions,” says Deborah Tannen, PhD, author of You Just Don’t Understand. Suss out the key players in his daily life and ask pointed questions, such as “How’s your boss Ian?”

About Your Future Together
Choose your moment carefully. Wait until he’s relaxed and drop the idea into your conversation with a casual statement like “I would love to live with you.” Ask what he thinks about it, but then give him a few days to mull it over.
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