What Makes Great Sex, According To 9 Guys

Surprisingly, it isn't all deep throating and 'the view.'
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Obviously, what makes great sex is totally subjective and depends on the person and what they're into. But in general, there are a few things that most people agree on when it comes to a banging bang. This AskReddit thread asked men what constitutes great sex, and here's what they said.

1. "The best sex for me is always sex where I can feel that we're very close to each other, emotionally. That closeness has an element of vulnerability to it, we're exposing ourselves and opening ourselves up to potential pain, and that's a very powerful and intimate experience."

2. "I mean, any sex can be great sex. It all depends on context. After a romantic night out with a loved one, there's nothing better than a nice sweet 'love making' session (although I dislike that term). I'm certainly more dominant naturally and do prefer that type of sex, but as long as the person is open-minded and sex-positive, I can almost always find a way for both of us (or all of us if +2 or more) to have a really good time."

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3. "When they want me badly and I know it, and I want them badly and they know it. The passion that comes from those feelings can be so intense and overwhelming."

4. "In general, when I'm asking a girl what she likes and she says 'you can do whatever you want and I'll tell you to stop if I don't like it' I know I'm going to have a wonderful evening. Most likely she is going to as well."

5. "Enthusiasm (visibly enjoying yourself and putting in effort), free spiritedness (sitting on my face without hesitation and doing other things some people have hangups about), and communication all lead to great sex in my opinion."

6. "Good sex to me is when both of you are uninhibited. You enjoy each other's body. You use every curve and every inch of your body along with what feels good. You laugh, you cuddle, you joke, you argue, you make up."

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7. "Good sex, in general, is about mutual enthusiasm. That is the biggest factor. I don't just want to "get my dick wet," I want her to love the experience, herself. Knowing what you like, and being OK with asking for it, is important."

8. "When a woman can convince me that she NEEDS more cock, right now, while we are having sex. It's only happened a handful of times, but holy shit. It was like sexual heroin. (With body language, not words, just to be clear)." 

9. "Good sex is where we both experience each others' warmth/affection/love, feel emotionally close, where we both get enough pleasure out of it to feel satisfied, and where our needs are met."

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