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Guys' 4 Phone Habits--And What They Mean

Does your new man ring you several times a day, or only during odd hours? Figure out his real motives based on his call MO.

1. His calls are always last minute. If you're dating a guy who only calls on the day he has an opening to see you, he's probably the type who likes to keep his options open (in case something better comes along) or just isn't all that invested in your relationship.

2. He only calls late at night. Sure, this may be a sign he's only after one thing (your tip-off: after some idle chitchat, he asks to come over), but it could also be nerves. You see, if he really likes you, it may not be until he's had a few beers with his buds that he builds up the confidence to make contact with you.

3. He calls a few times each week. When a guy calls you a couple of times each week—sometimes just to chat and find out about your week rather than arrange a date and hang up—chances are he's genuinely interested and doesn't want this fling to fizzle.

4. He checks in several times a day. While attentive, this behavior in the early days of dating smacks of neediness. On the other hand, he may have recently been through a breakup and be in a hurry to get serious because he's trying to recreate the intensity of his former bond.

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