11 Guys On How They Show Their Partners They Love Them

'Sometimes, the best thing I can do is just sit there and listen.'
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  1. “I like to surprise her with something I knew she wanted, but she didn’t know I knew she wanted. Just gifts that let her know I’m paying attention and thinking of her.” —Aaron, 27
  2. “My wife has said that the things that really show her I love her are little spontaneous moments. It’s not that she doesn’t love romantic dates or nice gifts, but its moments that happen organically that she loves. We just had our first child not too long ago, and its things like letting her sleep in while I watch the baby and make breakfast.” —Andrew, 30
  3. “My girlfriend loves gifts, but with her, it’s absolutely the whole ‘it’s the thought that counts’ aspect—like if I go on a business trip and bring her back an album from a local band (she loves vinyl). Or I’m just out and see her favorite candy bar or something. I wouldn’t describe her as like, a materialistic person or anything. It’s just the idea that she knows I’m thinking about her even when she’s not there, I think.” —Derrick, 28
  4. “Even after years of dating, my fiancée and I are still very physical with each other. We hold hands, kiss, I give her back rubs all the time. We always cuddle. Actually, that’s usually how she knows I’m mad at her. If we’re going to bed and she realizes I’m all the way over on my side.” —Kyle, 27
  5. “I just like to tell my girlfriend. She sometimes jokingly complains that I say it too much. But I really just like to say, ‘I love you,’ especially if she’s ever going out of her way for me. Like picking up dinner or taking care of me when I’m sick or something like that.” —Lucas, 26
  6. “We both love expensive food, so anytime I can take her out to a nice restaurant and still afford to pay rent, she really appreciates it.” —Zach, 29
  7. “Every once in a while, I do a whole day that’s just meant for her. I wake up, make her breakfast in bed, we go hiking and go to her favorite restaurant. It’s funny, we aren’t big on like, Valentine’s Day and things like that. But she loves when we do stuff like this. I sometimes feel like I don’t show my appreciation enough, so when I do, I like to go all out.” —Ryan, 26
  8. “I write my (live-in) girlfriend little notes. Sometimes they’re just cute, sometimes they’re to apologize, or thank her, or wish her good luck with work. I like to leave them in the bathroom or on her nightstand since she wakes up earlier than me.” —David, 28
  9. “I watch her TV shows with her and don’t ruin all the dialogue by talking over it.” —Greg, 25
  10. “Just by prioritizing her. I want to make it clear that my girlfriend isn’t controlling or anything and doesn’t ask me to do any of this, but if I brush off plans to spend time with her instead, she really appreciates that.” —Bobby, 29
  11. “She has a really stressful job and sometimes the best thing I can do is just sit there and listen to what’s going on. I offer advice where I can, but frankly, most of what she does goes over my head, anyway.” —Michael, 28
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