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We Asked Real Guys: What Have You Always Wanted To Ask Women?

PHOTO: Tamara Schlesinger

There will always be questions we’d like to ask the opposite sex, but more often than not, we don’t blurt them out because they might sound weird, inappropriate, offensive, or might reveal way too much about what’s really going on in our minds. (“What’s it like being able to pee wherever you want?”—not exactly the kind of talk that’s fit for dinner party conversation.)

The same is true for men, as we discovered when we went around asking real men this: “What questions have you always wanted to ask women, but are afraid or embarrassed to?” The answers we got ranged from genuine wonderment about our everyday habits to honest concerns they’re too self-conscious to express to real things they’ve been dying to ask the women in their lives. Read on to find out what they had to say.

There are some things about us that just baffle men.


“Why do you need to take so many selfies?” –Benjo, 25

“Why are you so affected by any news about Taylor Swift’s love life?”
Bong, 23

“Bakit ang dami niyong dala lagi? You always have a bag filled with all sorts of things wherever you go.Leon, 25

“You girls can withstand hot wax, eyebrow plucking on the reg, and I've been told how threading works and am still horrified. Yet why are you still deathly afraid of cockroaches?” –Marco, 35

Don’t expect them to get our fashion and beauty choices, either.

“Why do you need to go shopping so often, and why does it have to take so long?” –RJ, 32

“For girls who dress sexy, do you do it for the fashion or do you do it to attract men? Also, why do you wear heels when they seem to hurt so much?” –Leon

”Bakit importante magkilay?” -Bong

Naturally, they’re curious about our sex lives (and also wonder how much of it we spill to our girlfriends).

“How often do you think about sex?” –Alex, 22

“Do you masturbate? If so, how often?” –Rom, 27

“Do you talk about your boyfriends’ penis sizes?” –Andy, 32

“Do you talk about the taste of semen?” –John, 32

There are intimate Q’s they want to ask you, but doing so might be awks or might offend you, so they steer clear of asking them altogether.

“When are you on your period? So we know when to watch out for your moods. Also, so we know when sex is off the table.” –Bong (Writer’s note: Somebody should tell these guys about the wonders of period sex!)

“How do you want to be pleasured? Girls don’t often come right out and say it when you sleep with them for the first time or when a relationship is new.” –Alfon, 32

“This is something I’ve always wanted to ask a girlfriend: Would you be willing to have a threesome?” –Hans, 32

Finally, they wonder what you really think of them, because duh, of course they care what you think of them.

“Do you expect us to be chivalrous? Because, like on a date, we’re not sure if you want us to go around opening doors for you or not.” –Leon

“Do you check out our bodies?” –Q, 30

“Do you like me?” –Paolo, 36

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