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11 Guys On The Best Holiday Gifts They've Ever Received

Serious gifting inspo ahead.
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  1. “For Christmas my girlfriend got me this really nice waxed cotton duffel bag for traveling And it’s one of those things that I didn’t know I wanted or needed But now I love it. And those are the best gifts.” —Kyle, 27
  2. “My girlfriend handmade me a scarf. She had just learned to knit, and it was the first thing she made. She’s made other things for me since, but that one is still my favorite.”—Angelo, 28
  3. “I once got a subscription to this monthly coffee service. I love coffee to the point where I’m kind of pretentious about it. I always brew a mug to take to work, and this was a nice way to try new coffees and also make sure that I never run out. She knew that my biggest pet peeve is realizing I’m out of coffee and having to stop at a major chain coffee shop on the way to work. I know that makes me sound like an asshole, but I’m very serious about my coffee. It was nice not to worry about that.” —Ethan, 27
  4. “This year, my fiance wrapped all the gifts we were giving everyone for me. I don’t know why, but I have an irrational hatred for wrapping. I told her she can feel free to return anything else she got me.” Jake, 28
  5. “This is kind of embarrassing, but my girlfriend—we’re engaged now—was going on this mini-study abroad program over winter break. So it was only about a month but obviously we were going to miss each other. One of the things she gave me before she left was her pillow. It was honestly really comforting to sleep with it.” Tyler, 27
  6. “Sex. I’m a simple man. Christmas sex. Birthday sex. I don’t even need a card.” —Zack, 28
  7. “My girlfriend gets me a bunch of high-end moisturizers and bath and shower stuff every year. I’d never go out and do it on my own just on principle, but I actually love all this stuff. And if my roomates ask about it, I can tell them my girlfriend bought it for me.” —Chris, 25
  8. “My wife has a tradition where she wakes up early on Christmas morning and makes us this incredible spread. She doesn’t like to cook and doesn’t cook often, but she’s amazing. It’s all the breakfast staples, hashbrowns, omelettes. It has absolutely become my favorite part of Christmas. Although, this year she’ll be 8 months pregnant so I’m pretty sure I’ll be the one getting up early to make it.” Keith, 27
  9. “My girlfriend has basically replaced everything in my kitchen over the years. I cook at home a lot and bring meals into work, but I didn’t realize that all my stuff was so… basic. New knives, better pots and pans and all that were all eye-openers. But the biggest game-changer was a crock pot. I could leave it on and come home to dinner already made? Honestly, changed my life.” Stephen, 26
  10. “There’s a track nearby where you can rent cars. My girlfriend got me a rental with my dream car and it was seriously incredible. One day I’ll get to drive it again… one day…” —Will, 25
  11. “She gave it to me early this year, but she hunted down a Nintendo Switch. What means a lot to me is that I know she doesn’t care about this thing at all, but put in the effort to get it for me anyway.” David, 28
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