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10 Guys Reveal The Best Pickup Lines Women Have Said On Tinder

Make the ABSOLUTE MOST out of messaging first.
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So you matched with someone on Tinder a few days ago. He's cute and outgoing and mature, or at least that's what you took from a few photos on his profile. He seems reasonably levelheaded, like he might be going somewhere one day. He has a dog—you love dogs. He's a feminist.

But there's a problem, and it’s that this dreamboat has yet to send a message. You waited for him to make the first move, he didn't, and now it's Wednesday and you're getting impatient. Looks like it's on you to start the conversation, only what the hell do you say to strike that impossible balance between too boring and too gimmicky? Something funny? Something ridiculous? Something very cool?

The correct answer, according to what 10 men told Cosmopolitan, is all of the above. Here are the best pickup lines guys say they’ve gotten on Tinder. Feel free to steal them for your own purposes.

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  1. "One time this girl told me my profile smelled nice. I just had to respond to find out if she was funny or insane." —Brad, 33
  2. "I like it when she starts with something like, 'You can take me home to momma.' Or keeps it simple with, 'You have a beautiful smile.'" —Anthony, 28
  3. "Any woman who comes at me with some weird shit has my complete and undivided attention. Everybody on there is fronting like they're not weird, but I know at least one-in-10 of y'all are weird as shit, and that's who I'm taking to McDonald's." —Dylan, 28
  4. "I'd respond if she named three people and said, 'You've got to fuck one, kill one, and marry one. And go!'" —Adam, 30
  5. "One time a girl messaged me, 'Hey, we matched. Who cares?'" —Kyle, 29
  6. "My favorite was when a girl messaged me, 'Don't fuck this up.' Just that, nothing else." —Marlin, 28
  7. "The polar bear line always cracks me up. She asked, 'How much does a polar bear weigh?' I replied, 'About 950 pounds. What's up?'" [Ed. note: The correct answer to the polar bear pickup line is: "Enough to break the ice."] —Derek, 30
  8. "I dig normal messages. A hello and bringing up a shared interest is more my speed. Overall, I just want the conversation geared towards actually meeting up for a date." —Denzel, 27
  9. "I'd respond well if someone asked me out for coffee." —Grant, 26
  10. "This one is relevant to my job: 'If I told you I worked for UPS, would you let me handle your package?'" —Kyle, 30
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