Guys' Biggest Turn-Offs

We keep asking guys what it is they find attractive in you. In a party filled with hunks, Cosmo tried to find out what would make a guy run in the other direction.
They say women are so unpredictable, but we know how men can be just as hard to figure out. That is why whenever we get the chance, Cosmo asks guys what would attract them to a woman or what they find sexy in you. This time, we tried to find out the opposite for you, just so you're a little prepared when you're seeing a new guy and would like to avoid anything that would make him go away, or to understand a bit why a guy you dig suddenly disappears on you.

Cosmo recently attended a late-night party called WE ROCK Wednesdays, with live performances from singer and songwriter Juno from Greenland and our very own Pikaso. But the main event that night was the unveiling of the top ten PLDT myDSL Watchpad Crew finalists, who are all vying for a chance to be famous and the P100,000 prize money! Some of them are real hotties whom we were able to ask our featured Guyspotting question: What turns you off in a girl or what pet peeves do you have concerning women?

Aside from the Watchpad hotties who answered our question, we were also able to catch some party hunks, cute college students, and even celebrities like Steven Silva, Enzo Pineda, Gino dela Pena, Nikko Ramos aka DJ Tyler, and Victor Aliwalas, to name a few.

These hotties had quite a hard time answering Cosmo’s question (they don’t want to hurt us girls!), but they eventually did. Check out the cuties we spotted at the event and read their exclusive answers when you launch the gallery by clicking on the button below.488
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