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12 Guys On How Their Girlfriends Made Them Better People

'I'm really happy I have her to keep me in check.'
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When it comes to relationships, it's always nice to find someone who challenges you to be better. Whether that means finding a partner who pushes you out of your comfort zone or just one who reminds you to shower once in a while, it's always a nice bonus when your relationship makes you happy and makes you a better version of yourself.

1. “She makes sure I keep our place clean. I’m really bad at staying on top of that.”
Steve, 26

2. “Without her I would never ever, ever, ever, ever, ever leave the house.” —Kevin, 28

3. “I’m pretty sure that if it weren’t for her talking me out of doing dumb shit when I’m drunk, I would just be dead.” —Sean, 29

4. “It’s not so much that she makes me a better person. She makes me want to be a better person. She’s honestly one of the kindest, most amazing people I’ve ever met. I’m always just trying to make her proud.” —Chris, 27

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5. “I’m not looking to insinuate that I’m a bad person without my girlfriend, but my girlfriend is really good at making me consider other people’s perspectives. Sometimes I come home bitching about something that happened at work. And she’s able to make me realize that not only should I take a deep breath, but that I might be in the wrong.” Bruce, 28

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6. “There are so many things that I could list off here, but one thing I think is unique is that she loves to travel and I never really bothered. It’s not so much that I hated vacations. I just didn’t really plan any. She really opened me up to traveling to different places and just seeing new things.” —Nick, 29

7. “My girlfriend is definitely the more adult one of the two of us. I’m technically an adult, but she’s the one that understands how to do adult things like pay bills. In all seriousness, she’s taught me a lot about how to save and how saving doesn’t mean you can never do anything fun.” —Mike, 28

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8. “She reminds me to laugh. She would roll her eyes at me saying this, but I think she believes laughter is the best medicine. I can be a bit self-serious. I’m really happy I have her to keep me in check.” —Zack, 27

9. “My fiance is so kind and warm to everyone she meets. It’s made me make a point to try and be more like her when I’m meeting new people.” —Brian, 27

10. “My girlfriend basically saved my life. I was struggling with addiction, and she stuck by me and gave me a reason to strive for recovery.” —Kyle, 26

11. “I would say that my girlfriend keeps me motivated. She’s really driven and it keeps me active and motivated. Professionally, physically… even with our hobbies. She keeps me engaged.” —Tyler, 29

12. “She’s such a people person. I really think that without her I wouldn’t have the relationships I have with my family. Family is so important to her, and she makes sure we visit all our close relatives regularly. I really appreciate that. It’s not something I’d think to do on my own, but I’m happy to do it.” Ian, 28

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