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Guys Dish What Gets Them Up--And Hard

From watching a foreign film to the sight of a woman's behind, find out from real men what really triggers their erection!

mmanual_whatgetsthemhard_main.jpgWhen a woman kisses my neck, I get an almost instant erection. The feeling of her lips on that sensitive part of my body sends shivers shooting down my spine and right through to my groin.” - Jim, 31

“When a hard-on begins, I feel the blood rushing down there and the whole area gets very tingly. The tiniest movements feel massive and turn me on even more. The last time it happened unexpectedly, I was watching this foreign film with a lot of sex and moaning—a surefire trigger. When the movie ended, I had to move my penis over to the side so it wouldn’t bend the wrong way against my jeans and snap in half.” - Bibo, 24

“You know what excites me? A woman wearing something that clings to her butt, like gray sweats. If she’s in a thong and I can see the cheeks moving and wobbling a little, I always get a stirring in my pants. At that point—when I first start feeling horny and the pressure is building toward a hard-on—I have to decide whether I indulge those thoughts and let the erection happen or cross my legs and think about my fat Tita Letty.” - David, 29

The backs of my legs right below my butt are so sensitive that when they’re being touched, an electric current runs straight into my penis, giving me a boner. This happened recently during a massage. As soon as my masahista hit that spot, I came to attention. I was lying facedown, so having it press against the table was a little painful.” - James, 31

“An open mouthed kiss with just a hint of tongue does it for me. I think it’s the fact that the action mimics sex. Fairly quickly, I start to feel a dull throbbing between my legs.” - Josh, 22

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