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He's Taking You For Granted. Now What?

Girl, you know you deserve better!

There is no such thing as the perfect relationship–there will be fights, misunderstandings, and times when you feel like you’re the only one pouring your heart and soul into making it work. He’s always late, takes too long to reply (even when you know he has his phone), or never makes the first move. Sound familiar? Here's how you can deal with it. 

1. Sit down and talk about it.
It’s important that you let your man know how you feel. After all, one of the keys to a healthy relationship is proper communication. Use "I feel" statements instead of phrases that seem more like an attack. 

2. Stop doing things for him. 

If talking doesn't help, take it up a notch by not doing the things you normally (and out of love) do for him like picking up his clothes or preparing his things before he leaves for work. "Men usually won't stop taking their girlfriends and wives for granted simply because we tell them to," says dating and relationship coach Jay Carrao. A little demonstration is sometimes in order. It shouldn't take him too long to notice the change in your behavior and, if he's smart, he'll adjust accordingly. 

3. Go out with your barkada.
Watch the latest blockbuster with your friends, and when he asks you to catch the flick at the last minute, politely tell him that you've already seen it or that you've already made plans with your BFFs. He needs to remember that your life doesn't revolve around him. 

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