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Here Are Ways To Spend Sexy Time With Your Guy When You Have Your Period

Game over? No way.

1. Hand jobs for him, breast-fondling for you. You guys did this before you started having sex and still do it as part of foreplay, so pleasing each other this way is natural, a no-brainer even. For most couples, this is their only recourse, and that’s cool.

2. Give each other a massage. Pleasure isn’t derived only from your genitals. This is an excellent way to reacquaint yourselves with each other’s bodies and pleasure points. If you’re feeling romantic or sexy, light some candles, switch off your room lights, play some mood music, and diffuse fragrance oils if you have any. No one can say no to this unless that person is ticklish AF.

3. Watch porn together then feel frustrated. If sexually frustrating each other is your thing, this one’s for you ’cos you know what you’re missing out on. Of course you can do #1 while you’re at it but it’s never quite the same.

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4. Have sex! You guys are either the non-squeamish types or are so, so horny you guys can’t care less about blood and more blood—until you guys finish. Anyway, it’s the journey that counts and period sex means no need for lube and most likely more action.

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5. Have anal sex. You can orgasm from this! It’s not going to hurt if you guys start slow and work your way to penetration with smaller implements (like fingers) and plenty of lube—you don’t want dry friction at all. Oh, don’t forget the condom! (Most STDs like chlamydia and HIV are transferrable through the anus.)

6. Pretend you guys are sexually frustrated virgins who don’t want to have sex but also want to have sex. Ah, the passionate, exciting, tension-filled kissing and the touching everywhere and you don’t know if you’ll do it or not do it but you really want to. Remember how that was like? F-U-N.

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