Here’s How Single Girls Can Spend The Holidays

Going solo? No problem.

On paper, it may seem like Christmas is the absolute worst time to be single. But isn't feasting on your favorite food, getting dolled up for parties, going shopping, AND spending time with your loved ones the best way to mend your heart anyway?

This doesn't mean you should skip the wallowing and the crying-your-heart-out stage. But once you're ready to bounce back, you can end the year as a happily single woman by doing the following:

1. Start a hobby that excites you

Find a new true love in the form of an interesting hobby. Try something completely out of your comfort zone—like trapeze and anti-gravity yoga—or sign up for painting or dance classes. Exploring new things will allow you to meet new people, help you grow, and help you rediscover who you ~*really*~ are.

2. Go on a long-overdue girls’ night out!

You’ll get by with a little help from your friends. Turn your reunion into an all-nighter and hit the club for an excuse to dress up! If you’re looking for something more low-key, a karaoke session with some throwback tunes and hugot ballads is a good option. Round up your girlfriends and belt out this catchy

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