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Here's How To MOMOL In Public If You Really Can't Help It

Because there's a price to pay for a reckless thrill.

Not a lot of people know it, but having sex in public is actually an act punishable by law! If caught, you and your partner will be imprisoned for one to three years and pay a fine from P100,000 to P300,000. This is what's written in the "Anti-Obscenity And Pornography Act Of 2008":

For performing, or allowing the performance of, live sex or live sexual act in public, public places or any place open to public viewing, the penalty of imprisonment of not less than one (1) year nor more than three (3) years and a fine of not less than One hundred thousand pesos (P100,OOO.OO) nor more than Three hundred thousand pesos (P300,OOO.OO) shall be imposed.

So be smart and be very careful about where you want to have sex in public, if you really cannot help it. When all else fails, MOMOL (Make Out Make Out Lang) will do!

In the car.

Make sure you’re at a secluded place and the car has tinted windows. You might want to consider getting frisky at night rather than in broad daylight. Don’t forget to slide the seats forward or back for more room! You’d be surprised with the positions you could do.

At a park or field.

Who doesn’t want to do it in the presence of nature, where you’ll feel wild and free? Bring a blanket in case youll lie on the ground so you won’t have to worry about the icky crawly stuff. Make sure you’re in a really shady area that’s blocked off from public view and that no one really frequents.  

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At the movie theater.

Pick a movie and timeslot that you're pretty sure no one will pick. Try to catch the last full show or the midday show on a weekday. Head to the back- or the sideseats of the theater and have your way with each other a few minutes after the movie starts.

In a single-stall restroom.

You and your guy can easily slip into a hotel or restaurant’s single-stall restroom. Just be sure you’ll be quick. You wouldn’t want to cause a line and come out busted and judged!

At a house party.

Sneak into one of the bathrooms with your guy then get it on. You don’t really have to worry about the time, since everyone else is socializing. The noise people are making adds to the thrill of public sex, but also assures that you and your guy won’t be heard. (Plus points if you’re buzzed!)

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In the ocean.

Head to the deeper part of the shore, if you can. Once you’re there, wrap your arms and legs around your guy and rock with the waves.

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