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Here’s How To Say “Yes To Love” This Valentine’s Season

Get ready for your next romantic night with these no-fail tips!

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Organizing a date night with your boo can be quite challenging these days, amid ongoing health protocols and alert levels in different parts of the country. Zoom dates and watch parties rose as a substitute for in-person dates. But now that we’re seeing a slight improvement on face-to-face interactions and al-fresco hangouts, you might just be able to finally make up with a special date, after all those online dates.

There’s nothing ~love~ and some planning can’t do, so we listed down some tips on how you can prepare for a date and say #YesToLove this love month.

Pamper yourself
You have probably seen dozens of montages in romantic comedies when the main character prepares for their much-awaited date with their love interest. Well, this is your time to be that main character and pamper yourself before your date. Run an invigorating, long bath with your favorite soaps and scents. Not only will this refresh you, but it will also help calm your nerves.

Listen to romantic music
While you’re at it, getting prim and pretty, listen to feel-good, romantic music to uplift your vibe and get you in the mood. Search up romantic playlists or maybe your go-to love songs.

Try on different outfits
Now that you’ve given yourself a well-deserved pampering and put on your favorite playlist, it’s time to pick outfits. When choosing your date ensemble, consider the location and the activities you planned to do. While you’re trying to look your best and impress for this romantic day, comfort should also be one of your top priorities. The way you feel about your outfit is important because it makes or breaks your confidence, so be sure to choose a frock that shows your personality without compromising your comfort.

Catch up with your besties
It’s nice to have some input and catch up with your best friends before the big date. Whether you’re looking for moral support or someone to guide you through what to wear or what to do, trust your besties to catch your back. Who said a little friend update would hurt? It might even make the day more fun and interesting.

Say some positive affirmations
Practicing self-affirmations has proven to have plenty of positive benefits. Affirmations reduce negative thoughts, increase happiness, and reduce stress. It also boosts your confidence and trust in yourself. Practice in front of the mirror and drop some positive affirmations for yourself like, “I will enjoy this day and be happy for me and my loved one,” or the classic “I am beautiful, invincible, and strong.”

Put on your favorite scent
Smell is one of the most important senses. Before you can even see a person, you get caught up with their scent. Smell evokes thoughts and memories, and if you want your date to go home to an extra pleasant memory of you, put on your favorite, non-dizzying perfume.

Don’t forget personal grooming
Self-grooming enhances personality and lets you become attractive! Put effort into being cleaned and groomed. The way you treat your body and present yourself says a lot about you as a person and it’s also the first thing noticed by your peers or your potential partner. After running a bath, pay attention to your oral health. Impress your date and yourself with this boost of confidence and self-care.

A date will involve a good meal and a lot of talking (masked or unmasked), so it’s best to make sure your breath is always fresh. Don’t let that bacteria breath grab the attention away from the blossoming romance you have ahead. Use a toothpaste with antibacterial zinc which helps fight bacteria and gives you fresh and healthy breath. Choose closeup which not only cleans deeply but refreshes the mouth, too.

Say yes to love, and say no to bacteria breath! Shop closeup toothpaste in leading supermarkets and groceries nationwide, as well as online via Lazada and Shopee.

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