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Here's How You'll Have Sex In 2015

We spoke to experts to find out what's going to be hot in the new year.

So 2013 was undeniably the year of the horse BDSM and 2014 was arguably the year of butt play and anal sex, but what sexual depravity do we have to look forward to in 2015? What is going to be the Star Wars: The Force Awakens of fucking? What are we going to be cramming into the collective vernacular orifice of the human consciousness this year? 

1. Facesitting will be the new anal sex.
It's a bit taboo, a little bit out there, but still fun and mainstream enough that couples can mess around with it without feeling like they're in too deep, explains adult film director Erika Lust.

In case you're not familiar with how compound words work, facesitting is the act of straddling your partners face during oral sex. It's also made a bit of a minor scandal recently, being among the sex acts Britain banned from porn for being potentially dangerous (but who doesn't like a little danger). 

"Not since Monty Python devoted a song to [facesitting] has it been—excuse the pun—so much in everyone's mouths," says Lust. "I sincerely hope that the legislation backfires and more people end up trying facesitting." Members of the adult film industry even performed the act publicly in protest, pushing it out towards the mainstream. Don't be surprised if this is something you hear about more as people ring in the new year with someone's face between their legs.

2. You'll have sex long-distance.
We're riding a technological wave into a whole new way to bang. "One trend we're likely to see a lot more of in 2015 is development in the field of teledildonics—that is, sex toys that can be controlled remotely through smartphones and computers," says Justin Lehmiller, Ph.D., author of the popular blog Sex and Psychology. Once you've gotten over the fact that "teledildonics" is a real term (remember "cybersexing"? Same difference.) think about how much easier this could make long-distance relationships, with couples controlling rechargeable cylinders connected to their home Wi-Fi network from across the street or across the country.

Even better, as sexpert and author of She Comes First Ian Kerner points out, these fancy sex toys are finally getting cheaper. "Great sex toys usually cost a premium, but new companies like HelloCheri.comare bringing high quality products, generally out of reach, to wider audiences," he says . These kinds of products are going to start penetrating the market (and customers) for the cost of a date night.

3. You'll date one person but sleep with many.
So long-distance relationships will probably become even more popular while short-distance relationships, experts predict, will get more open. "I am increasingly working with couples who want more sexual adventure and variety in their relationships, and are willing to explore non-monogamy in a trusted, respectful manner," says Kerner. "This could mean having agreed hookups with others or doing more sexually adventurous acts together such as attending sex parties, swinging, having threesomes."

Millennial couples are realizing that they can have a more open sexual relationship while still remaining emotionally faithful. It might not be for everyone, but as Lust notes, "We are starting to receive confessions of people who described themselves as 'pansexuals.' It's normally a younger crowd. Ten or 20 years ago, these people would have described themselves as 'swingers' or 'bisexuals,' but the term 'pansexual' seems to signal a label-free, less judgmental era."

Sex trends like these inevitably creep into pop culture (or are caused by it *cough* Fifty Shades*cough*), so will 2015 bring a rom-com scene where Justin Long awkwardly fumbles with some long-distance sex equipment? Maybe facesitting porn will go mainstream (or even pop up in some Blue Valentine equivalent)? Is Rihanna going to sing about it? Personally, I can't wait for her new single, "Smashed Under You." 

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