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Here's Why You Should Date A Thrifty Man

Meaning 'matipid,' not 'kuripot.'

1. He has wise spending habits. There’ll be no dropping of cold hard cash on payday weekend for another pair of kicks or spending on lavish parties at noisy clubs with his best buds. Aware of what he can afford and how to maximize his monetary worth, he’s capable of having fun without having to crawl and beg until his next salary. 

2. He makes every date count. Charming conversations over coffee at a quaint café, cuddling through movie marathons on his couch, and leisurely strolls in the city’s best museums are just the in-betweens for the big, special dates.

3. Gifts will be extra special. The reason: he is creative, resourceful, and innovative when it comes to providing you with presents. Yes, a girl loves her jewelry and designer handbags, but wouldn’t it be nice to receive something not bought from a store from time to time?

4. He’s got an inherent sense of discipline. His wise ways with his finances extend to other aspects of his life. He’s responsible at work, knows exactly when to let loose, and doesn’t allow temptations to take over.

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5. He’ll encourage you to plan your financial matters as well. God knows you need to be severely inspired to suppress your growing online shopping habit! 

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6. He’s actually very rich when it comes to his emotions. What he scrimps on in material possessions, he can totally make up for with his personality. He’s one big bank of unexpected surprises!

7. He’ll prepare for your future. Because investing blood, sweat, and tears into building something the both of you can rely on IS no easy task.

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