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His Point Of View: 4 Reasons You Should Wear That Bikini

With summer just around the corner, a real guy tells you to just ditch your body doubts and flaunt your curves!

beachbod_main.jpgAdmit it, you’re guilty of it and we know it. We know that every woman has dreamt about wearing a skimpy bikini on the beach, sunbathing or strutting on the shore, inciting a drool flow from the male species. We know that when summer time comes, you try “crazy diets” (read: no eating) to lose unwanted fat. We know that before you step out of the locker room, you’ve carefully pondered the question, “Should I wear it?” a million and one times. And we also know that when you do get to Bora, lose that fat, and finally wear that bikini, a lot of you will still awkwardly and self-consciously cover up with your sarongs.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s perfectly all right to want to be sexy, feel sexy, and look beautiful. Even guys crave to be sexy and drool-worthy, and picture ourselves as hunky Baywatch-esque lifeguards. But we’re a different story. Take it from our board shorts confidence (even with our protruding beer bellies), and heed these four tips for wearing that bikini with confidence.

1. It’s just an itsy-bitsy bikini!

Beach rule: Don’t cover up your bikini-clad bod with unnecessary clothing. Hiding your “unwanted” parts with sarongs, towels, or over-sized shirts will only make you look like a burrito. If anything, you’ll only look ridiculous for your indecision. Either wear it as it is or don’t. The bikini was designed so you could show more skin—and up your chances of getting cancer, er, a tan. The secret to wearing a bikini with ease is to forget you’re even wearing one. So let go! Remember that guys dig confident chicks.

2. You aren’t as fat or ugly as you think you are.

Time and time again, I chance upon beautiful and attractive women who think of themselves as ugly creatures. They think that being beautiful means being perfect, and that anything less than perfect is ugly. But who on earth is perfect? (Okay, Angelina Jolie. I have no argument with that.) But the rest of us are fine and dandy in a bikini or board shorts. Chances are, you’re not that fat to be disqualified as a bikini babe. Think Queen Latifah. Isn’t she gorgeous? A little excess fat here and there is okay. We guys actually find your so-called “imperfections” cute and sexy.

3. Your Skin: Keep it and love it.

Nothing gets a guy’s attention better (other than a Megan Fox face and body) than smooth, even-toned skin. I never understand why Filipino women want to turn their yummy kayumanggi-brown-sugar color into mestiza-Korean-white. Not all guys fall for Liquid Paper types. The best color for you is the color you were born with. Skip the peeling sessions and whitening regimens. Bring out your natural and inner glow by keeping healthy (eat right and exercise—sex is definitely included) and being happy in your skin. Caring for the skin you have rather than attempting to get a skin tone other than what you have will do more to up your appeal.

4. Pick ’em right.

Pick your bikinis well. Choose colors that complement your natural skin tone. Only wear pairs that are exactly your size. (We notice when your bikini is too lose or too tight.) And one more thing, don’t be scared to show some skin.

Now whip out that swimsuit and show it off.

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