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His Point Of View: Stem The Urge To Talk Too Much

Women love to talk, men don't. We both get that. But there are times when you gals overdo it. Hear us out.

Guys get a bad rap for not communicating enough, but in our defense, there are times when it’s just not necessary.

For instance, women enjoy talking about the moment, when they’re in the moment. Stuff like, “I’m so happy right now. Aren’t you?” If it’s okay, we’ll talk about it later on reflection...or better yet, never. Then there are the endless stories about some random chick called Julie at your work.

Please open up to us by all means, but maybe you can just give us the trailer and save the feature-length film for your gal pals. Oh, and if you could spread the word around that talking during the basketball game is B-A-D, that would be great, too.

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